The Draft Unknown



It's kinda nice experiencing the touch  and keeping a memory of it but will it still feel that good if the person you shared those moments with has betrayed you and let you down? 

well I still am not sure about that because our first moments were perfect to me, I'd never thought that i would be so good at it. Of course he'd be good at it, he is a player, have been with so many females but i have i only have sat home and read books. at least that is what he sn knows but nobody knows that I can also be twisted, They don't know that i fantasize about these things all the time. he doesn't know that i can write the best erotical fantasy stories or that my brain is a sex bomb covered by sour and sweet vanity.
He doesn't who i am  or what his  i am made of but sadly at the beginning i got fooled by his charm, by his perfection on cover. 

The first touch was like magic ,i never felt this way before (if not thinking about my secret lover). 
everytime he touched me or hugged me felt so good, sent electric waves through my body and set me on fire, of course I'd think that they are true feelings he had for me.
or maybe i would think that they were true feelings i had for him. 
why did you it feel so good? 

Maybe i don't need to know, maybe it's not even necessary because even if he actually loves me he has already had his chance several times. he fooled me, lied to me, used me and most of all he broke the broken pieces of my broken heart. 

I don't even feel like going back and asking.

maybe i was meant to be put in this to learn from it but the question is for how long do i have to be situated to learn? when do i get to live? when do i stop getting lessons that are caused by my own hurt feelings?  
For How long do I have to be learning and hurting?

For how long will life keep stealing my cookies? 

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