It can't be

A girls who discovers herself and her inner potential.


2. The answers

 "World domination yah..pshh.. totally believable" I staggered


"It's true, and please take this seriously, it's not a joke!" Titus spoke 


This is so hard to process..I don't understand whats happening! Is he giving me some false bait so that I shut up or is this really true? No! It can't be! 


"Tell me the truth?" I asked a little more gently


My mind thinking of the possibilities 2% out of 100% but, something deep inside me was saying this is the truth, even though my brain felt confused, my heart felt confident. 


"I don't know what you're saying?" I question him


"Trust me.. I ..." he leaves the sentence unfinished his face showing a slight of sadness.


At that moment I can feel that he is not lying he can't be, if he were, then he wouldn't have said that.



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