It can't be

A girls who discovers herself and her inner potential.


1. Prologue




It all started like this~


          "Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return."  That’s what the fortune cookie said. My heart skipped a beat!


          The letters were written in black ink on blood red paper. I glanced around looking for some eyes that would answer my questions but none did. Then suddenly I saw a black smother in the front glass panes near the restaurant’s entrance. My eyes soon recognized the black smother, as it re-appeared slightly peeking from the glass pane. It was the man in black! The one who always kept his eyes on me whenever I was out of my house. I had always wondered why that man was always there? A few times I even mustered the courage to go talk to him but he as always would wander away before I could catch up to him. It was a secret that I was not willing to share with my parents or close friends. “The man in black” as I had nicknamed him because he was always wearing a pitch black blazer and lead black trousers. Only his desolated grey eyes where not the color of licorice. I quickly got up from my seat my brain blinded from reasoning by the blindfold of curiosity. I sprinted towards the door leading me out of the Chinese restaurant.


         I followed him through the bustling crowd. Making sure he does not notice me. I was so close now shuffling through the crowd fast but silently. Suddenly, his head turned and his eyes met mine. I saw my pale reflection in them, my brown long hair scattered on my face my green eyes alert, my mouth wide open. He turned and ran, ran straight out of my sight. I quickly regained my senses hurdling through the crowd out of the door.



          I saw him running towards the next block, he was way swifter than I imagined. He was not as grizzled as I imagined either his grey eyes made me think that he was old and lonely but I had never seen his face because it was always covered with his mouth high collar. The only things that I ever saw were his eyes, sorrowful and strained. I ran straight towards him zigzagging through the pedestrians on the sidewalk. I turned to the next block where the “Man in black” had run, but I saw no sign of him. I had lost him again. My curiosity flattered and my mouth became a frown against my face. Without warning two hands stretched across my face covering my eyes and mouth. A slight scream escaped my mouth, but it was too muted that nobody could have heard it. After that I remembered nothing!


           My eyes slowly opened, my vision blurry from tears. Sweat was dripping from my pale white forehead. My eyes are bulging painfully against my skull. I was sitting in a faded brown chair, my arms resting carefully on the arm rests.


  “Where am I?” I inquired, my voice shaky from the crying.


          From the darkness a figure formed. He was about 18 years old no… 16. He was dressed in a moss T-Shirt and Dark blue jeans. His brown hair brushed slightly against his pale skin. He seemed unfamiliar, except those light grey eyes, still as empty.



   “It…It’s you” I slight murmured under my breath.


            The man in black! It can’t be him; he seemed so old and fragile. But, those eyes they are unforgettable the rare grey shade the same emptiness.


   “Hi, I am Titus, Welcome Tyesha!” he said with a faint smile


   “Where am I? ” I thrashed with an amazingly collected voice.


   “You… well aren’t you going to introduce yourself? But I already know you” he slightly smiled.


    “First tell me where I am and why are you here?” I rashly asked my curiosity unable to be controlled.

   “Umm…. Okay so you are here to save the world from domination!” He said abruptly

   “What kind of a joke is this!”?  My voice rising, my breaths shallow

   And then, there was an empty silence…

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