St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


50. Tricked

We're bundled into a rather plain looking, nondescript black car with dark tinted windows. Hank sits in the front seat and gives us a grin as we slide in, I sit in the middle due to being the smallest.

Another suit, a stranger, opens the passenger door and takes the last remaining seat. He shuts his door, turns on the radio, clips in his seat belt and nods to Hank.

We're put into motion and as the minutes tick by, I become less nervous and more bored.

Leo holds my hand, Roan stares out the window, his head against the side and his body limp. If it wasn't for the rise and fall of his chest and the occasional blink, you'd be forgiven for thinking he was dead.

Leo squeezes my hand and pulls me closer.

“I think he's taking this hard.” He whispers quietly into my ear.

I nod and chew my lip, wishing I could borrow Roan's ability just for a moment to force him to forget about Rin.

“Well in the space of a couple of hours he's gone from sickeningly in love, to betrayed and controlled and now he's being made to hunt her down.”

He however in that time, has not become hard of hearing.” Roan grumbles making us both jump in our seats.

“Sorry mate,” Leo says, dropping his arm over my shoulder to tap Roan's arm.

“It's not your fault.” I assure him, hoping it will help in some way but he's motionless once more. A living statue.

I rest my head on Leo's chest, close my eyes and let the blackness suck up some of this dead time.




I'm nudged awake by Leo, Roan already standing outside the car, staring at nothing.

Wiping my eyes, I clumsily clamber out and blink in the daylight. We're in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields, no cities in sight.

“The hell?”

“We're a mile or two away from the girl,” Hank says, squinting into the distance. “I'll make this quick because she's still on the move and with the distance she's covered in such a short amount of time, we're pretty sure she's using the Mind Controllers abilities to hitch rides.

“She's heading East but we don't know why, we're assuming there's someone there offering a lot of money for a story but we cant be sure. You have nine and a half hours left of the tracker at best so...scat!” He laughs, making a shooing motion.

The three of us start walking, myself in the lead, searching the horizon, Leo checking the tracker and Roan ambling along behind, frowning at the ground.

We all cry out and clutch our ears as a high pitched whine pierces our eardrums.

“What the fuck?!” Leo shouts angrily.

Hank’s chuckle sounds in my ear, eerily clear and close.

“Sorry, turning it on. Keep us updated.”

There's a click and he's gone.

“Brilliant, Rin's not the only one being tracked.” Leo grumbles.

“They're worried we'll join forces with Ri- her.” Roan says quietly, voice catching on her name.

I try to breathe around the heat in my chest and instead try to focus on the horizon. The grass here is long and overgrown, hedges breaking up each field. Vision isn't great, if she sees us first we're screwed. She seems to have stopped a short distance away and we're closing in.

Is she hiding or just tired?

With all the St.Bart's training, I'd guess the former.

“She should be just ahead,” Leo says.

Roan perks up, standing taller, trying to use his height to see over the hedge just in front of us. “I don't see her.”

I pretend not to hear the touch of disappointment in his voice.

“Remember kids, she can incapacitate you with The Sadists ability.”

I wince and grind my teeth.

“And I'll kindly remind you Hank, that we have names and like to be called by them.”

There's no reply but I don't expect one.

There's a thin patch in the hedge and we crouch low, Roan peeking through and searching the next field, supposedly where Rin has stopped.

He makes an annoyed sound in the back of his throat.

“I don't see her.”

“What?” Leo, Hank and I say in unison.

Roan gives us an annoyed glare.

“She's not there, we sure its not passed through already?”

“You mean we've been tracking her shit?!” Leo cries.

“The tracker only works while in the body,” Hanks murmurs, seemingly perplexed. “Enter the field with caution, she may be hiding.”

“Hiding where?!” Roan growls, taking me aback, I've never seen him angry before. We step through a hole in the bush and slowly make our way through the field.

“Its an empty field! There's no trees,  the grass is short and I don't remember ever being told about  Others who can turn invisible.”


A horrible thought floats to the forefront of my mind and I stop still in the centre of the field. Leo slows beside me, Roan just in front, glaring at the empty field.

“Roan.” I say quietly.

“What?” He bites, rubbing his hand through his hair in agitation.

“Can you make people see things that aren't there? Or rather not see things?”

“Yeah its all the same-,” he pales, grabbing both our shoulders and making us crouch low.

“What?! Whats happening?!” Hank shouts.

“She's here,” I whisper, “we just cant see her.”


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