St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


16. Trapped


Leo lies on my bed.

It didn’t use to be weird.

I perch on the end, pretending to rearrange the make up on my desk. I don’t use it for homework like I’m meant to; I’ve screwed a mirror to the wall behind it and made a makeup table.

I do homework on my lap, plugged into my iPod with an array of junk food surrounding me.

“Rose.” Leo sighs and shifts so he’s resting on his elbows, looking at me.

“Hmm?” I arrange my nail varnishes into rainbow order. I frown.

I have no orange, yellow or green nail varnish. It’s a pretty crappy rainbow.

“Rose.” He says again, my bed dips as he swings his legs over so he sits next to me.


I line up my hairspray, deodorant and perfume into size order.

My desk has never looked so neat.

His long arms reach out, trapping mine against the desk so I can’t fiddle.

“Rose.” He says more firmly.

I start to panic, my breath hitching. Imaginary strands of fabric wrap around my wrists and my ankles. The light seems to dim in the room.

“Don’t trap me, Leo.”

“Rose, listen to me.”

“Let me go.” I growl, heart sprinting, slamming against my ribcage.

“About Rin-”

“I said, let me go!” A zap bursts out of me and he holds his arms to his chest, rubbing at them.

“Sorry.” I breathe, feeling light headed. I hadn’t meant to zap him so hard.

Someone knocks on my door.

“Can I come in?” Roan asks, voice drifting in like choppy water.

Leo sighs, still rubbing his arms.

“Are you alone?”

“Yes.” Roan answers, exasperated.

“Come in, Roan.” I say, resting against my wall and closing my eyes.

Deep breaths. In…and out.

I hear the door shut and fabric on fabric as he sits down on my bed.

He clears his throat nervously.

Roan is never nervous.

My lids jump back from each other. His hair is messier than usual and he looks…conflicted.

“So she explained everything. She just didn’t understand my Quirk. She was frightened and new, she wanted to keep her friends.”

“And now she has nothing to lose, she’s suddenly interested again?” Leo snarls.

Roan glares at him, eyes stormy and dark. “No, now she has nothing to fear, from peer pressure or me, she’s letting herself accept her feelings.”

“That’s bull!” Leo cries, jumping up to pace in front of the door as if he’s guarding it.

“She wants us all to get on. Can you at least be civil?!”

I’ve never heard Roan raise his voice before.

Between that, the rumpled look and nervous glances, I barely recognise him.

“Civil?! Ha!”

“Roan,” I say softly, still feeling light headed. “We’ll be on our best behaviour. Right Leo?”

He glares at me, folding his arms defiantly.

“Right. Leo?” I say through my teeth.

I am not in the mood to deal with this right now.

He nods reluctantly.

Roan sighs, relaxing into his normal self. He runs his fingers through his hair, rearranging it.

He begins to become recognisable again.

“Thank you.” He twitches his lip.

Before, this was enough, but after seeing him grin and smile so sweetly at Rin, it seems almost an insult to get this half-arsed attempt.

I nod and usher them both out, saying how tired I am.

I don’t lock my door, I leave my light on and lay spread out on my bed.

Don’t trap me.

Darkness, endless darkness. Mocking laughter floating under the gaps of my locked door. Listen how happy we are. Happy, happy family. Rose, Who?

I look out my window, my only connection to outside. I stretch out an arm, try to touch it, but I can’t reach.

Not with the scarves tied round my wrists.


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