St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


37. The Vitamin

I’m not hungry and, add to that the Rin comments, Roan’s smirk and the slight uncertainty of the new relationship with Leo…. I wasn’t feeling particularly sociable.

So I was in the art room looking at Madouc’s painting again.

So the Mole was represented by the strange cage and someone with a connection to a cross and myself would lose something to them or because of them.

Right, simple.

“Why are my eyes part of the Mole?” I ask myself out loud, tracing the bumpy black paint representing my eyes. Then there was the fire, the cross again and the blurry person.

Did I somehow lead them to this?

Were the other objects representing people or something else?

Was fire an Elemental or meant to be destruction?

The cross someone religious or faith?

A Shifter or the lack of knowledge we knew about this person?

I rub at my temples as an ache starts to build again.

“Ha, I knew you’d be here!” Leo cheers followed by the soft thump of the door closing behind him.

I smile over my shoulder.


“Well, it was third place I looked after the canteen and your room.”

I wave at the painting.

“I can’t figure out the cage bit.”

He slides across the table, coming to a stop so he sits beside me.

“That’s meant to be the Mole right?”

I nod.

“But why am I in there? Look there’s me, the religious person, maybe an Elemental and what I think is meant to be a Shifter, and that’s if they’re not metaphorical.”

He frowns and shrugs.

“Dunno, you coming for breakfast?”

I sigh, was I being too obsessive? But then I remembered the paparazzi yesterday, asking for me, the Sadist.

No, I needed to find out who this was before they did any more damage.

“Leo, the whole world knows about us now. How long do you think they can hold them back with “no comment” and refusing to speak to them?”

“It’s the government, they’ll figure something out. Come on, they’re giving us new vitamins now and they want everyone to take them.”

I scrunch my nose.


He shrugs again, standing up and grabbing my hand.

I relax fractionally.

“I wasn’t really listening you’ll have to ask Roan, but to do that…”

I sigh and let him lead me out.


We make our way back, a few late risers casting us and our joined hands funny looks.

“Does Rin know?”

“About wh- Oh, I don’t think so.”

I groan.

Great, I’d hoped by skipping breakfast the news could spread and do its thing before I made an appearance.

I walk up to the serving station to find only a few bits and pieces left, a lonely croissant, a couple of sausages…. of course all the bacon is gone. I grab an apple and turn to walk away when Leo grabs my arm.

“You have to take a vitamin,” he points to the tray of fairly thick, oblong pills all a muddy brown colour, only a couple remain, on the floor is stacks of empty trays.

On each one is what I recognise as our student codes. Our initials and birth date.

I pick up my vitamin and pour some water into a plastic cup from the jug sitting next to the pills.

I pull a face.

It’s fairly large.

“Can’t I just throw it in the bin?”

Leo smiles. “Nope.”

I sigh, drop it in and swallow gulps of water until it navigates down my throat.

Ugh, I feel like coughing and pour myself another glass before grabbing my apple and letting Leo steer me to our spot.

“You had the new vitamin then?” Roan smirks as I rub my throat.

I nod.

“Supposedly, it’s a new formula designed to keep us alert and healthy.”

Leo stretches an arm out behind me as we sit down.

“Yeah well, does it have to be so big?”

Rin nods.

“I know right? I thought I was going to start choking!”

I bite into my apple so I have an excuse not to answer her.

“Oh,” Leo says suddenly. “They’ve officially taken away the weekend privilege.”

“Are all the newspaper guys still out there then?” I ask worriedly.

Their faces all darken, even Rin’s and she isn’t in the paper.

Poor Rin, her weekend plans are ruined.

“Yes, they’ve set up camp a little ways down from the gates. You missed the speech Mrs. Oscar was giving this morning. PE classes will now be either inside or free periods, no exercising of abilities outside the buildings and you must be inside by six. Anyone found speaking to the press will be dealt with harshly-”

“She didn’t say how.” Leo adds, ignoring Roan’s glare for the interruption.

“No she didn’t. Internet access is now locked, password changed every couple of seconds to deter the Scramblers and articles about the school will be posted on the wall outside the canteen.” Roan finishes, frowning as if he feels he’s forgotten something.

“Is there one up now?” I shift, ready to go and read it but then I hear Mrs Oscar with the bell.

They shake their heads.

Well that was a good thing wasn’t it?

The vitamin seems to be taking affect, energy buzzes through me and I jump up.

“What’s first?”

Leo grabs my hand and I purposefully don’t look at Rin or Roan.

“Science,” he smiles.

We walk out hand in hand and I stare straight ahead, not meeting any of the staring eyes.

“Relax,” Leo breathes, squeezing my hand.

I sigh.

Then I hear a whisper.

“Imagine how scary their kid would be!”

I begin to turn, ready to glare.

“I’ve got it,” Leo grins, takes a quick glance behind him to determine who the whisperer is before I hear an irritated, muffled squeal.

I look and laugh.

The two girls are covering each other’s mouth and desperately trying to pull away.

“Thanks.” I smile.

“No problem.” He grins and I look away.

I was in serious trouble of liking him way too much.



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