St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


14. The Smile

“I don’t like her.” Leo says.

We both glare at their backs, Roan’s strong and large and Rin’s slight and feminine, hair cascading down it.

Roan’s smiling.

I feel betrayed, I have tried so hard over the past few years to get him to smile like that, and this girl drops into our group and suddenly he’s Mr. Cheerful?

“You’re just jealous.” I grumble.

He gives me a look.

“So are you.”

“Am not.” I argue half-heartedly “What’s their deal anyway?”

“They hooked up at a party years and years ago when she was new new. He’d really liked her, really opened himself up…then she’d found out about him and shunned him. This must be a dream come true for the guy.”

I mentally wince, poor Roan.

“Does this mean they’ll start going out now?”

He shrugs.

“Part of me hopes they do. It’ll be nice for him to have someone to care for and to care for him and I think he’s always been pining over her. On the other hand…if she breaks his heart…”

“He’ll be broken.”


Rin stumbles as she smiles up at him and Roan quickly grabs her before she can fall. She laughs and stays clutching his shirt.

“Ugh, look at them. They are literally walking into the sunset.”

I look at the pastel coloured sky, their silhouette against the sun, gazing dreamily into each other’s eyes as a light breeze teases Rin’s hair, making it dance.

It’s sickening.

Leo’s arm snakes out and he makes a wiping motion.

Rin collapses to the ground, legs buckling.

“Leo.” I hiss, trying to hold in my laugh as Roan shoots us a knowing glare over his shoulder.

“What? I was swatting a fly.”

I grab his hand and send shots of pain darting up his arm.

“Ah!” He cries, flinching his hand away.

“What? I was just trying to hold your hand.” I pout.

“Touché.” He winces and nods at Rin where Roan is now giving her a damn piggy back. “Think you can do the same to her?”

“I’m not zapping her, Leo.”

“Worth a shot.” He sighs and we eye each other warily as Roan turns and waits for us.

We slow down fractionally but eventually we reach him and Rin.

Her cheeks are flushed from laughing, cheek resting against Roan’s, arms around his neck as he keeps a tight grip on her legs and shifts her further up his back.


“Where you guys going?” Roan asks innocently.

He’s ditching us!?

Leo shrugs. “Where you going?”

Roan looks at him coolly.

“My room, we need to talk.” There was a lot of silent communicating attempting to take place but Leo was feigning ignorance.

“Cool, lead the way.”

I grab Leo’s arm.

“We’ll go to my room.” I smile kindly at Roan, thankful when he smiles back.

At least I get some sort of smile.

“Are they together?” Rin whispers in Roan’s ear. But Roan is standing maybe a foot in front of us and we are not hard of hearing.

“Us?” We say in unison. “No!”

She blushes and Roan smirks.

“See you guys tomorrow.” They walk away, Rin’s squealing catching in the wind.

I drop Leo’s arm.


“Snug?” He suggests.


He smiles. “Maybe we can pick up someone for you, Rose?”

I zap him.

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