St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


31. The Seer

I decide to take a leaf from Leo’s book and jump in the shower.

On the female side of the dorms we share one shower between each set of five (ish) rooms but we tend to work out a schedule.

The girl two rooms down showers in the morning as does the girl next-door to my right. Another uses it straight after class and the other girl likes to shower late at night.

I get a pretty wide window and shower whenever I like before bed.

Another perk of sharing with girls, the toilet seat is always down and things are kept fairly clean.

A major downfall is the row upon row of moisturisers, hair products and some make-up due to one of the early morning showers who refuses to look natural for even a moment.

I grab my towel and pyjamas before dashing down the hall and locking the door behind me.

Once I’m in the shower, I close my eyes, tilt my head up and sigh.

This is all so messed up, and I blame Rin. If she had never pointed out the closeness between us, I never would have realised we were both too close and yet not close enough.

If she hadn’t made me start to think of him in that way, would I ever have seen him as more than a friend?

I work shampoo into my hair, taking my time until my scalp is covered in a white foam before closing my eyes and ducking my head back under the steamy stream of hot water.

I picture us walking through the school, holding hands, steps in sync, laughing to ourselves. Ducking into a secluded corner and trying to stifle our giggles before sinking deeper into the darkness and-


I jump and shut off the water, wrapping my towel around me before carefully walking over the tiled floor and cracking the door open.

The late night shower girl stands on the other side, towel and pyjamas folded over her arm. After only seeing her dripping wet, fresh out of the shower, I had thought she had dark hair. But now she stands in front of me, bone dry and slightly nervous looking, I realise she has light, fiery, copper hair that frames her pretty, angular face and tumbles past her shoulders.

“Oh,” She says, stepping back. “Sorry, I didn’t realise-”

“It’s fine, I’ll be out in a moment.” I smile waiting for her to smile back before closing the door and hurriedly getting dressed.

As you might have guessed, I’m not a conventional kind of girl, I wear chains on my ears, my wardrobe looks like it belongs to a funeral director and then there’s the whole make people scream in agony thing. Well I don’t have a single matching set of pyjamas either, so I pull on my dark blue bottoms with the ice creams cones and a red vest with a faded Betty Boop before hanging my towel over the radiator and opening the door for the late night shower girl.

She stands talking to a friend who waves her goodbye, I catch what was either an insult or a nickname.

“Bye, Mad!”

“Mad” catches me frowning and smiles.

“I’m Madouc by the way, but my friends call me, Mad.” She waves a paint stained hand towards her friends back.

“Better than my nickname.” I reply wryly before stepping out of her way.

She laughs but I catch a slight awkward note to it, as if she’s not sure I’m joking.

“I guess.”

“Enjoy your shower.”

I make my way back to my room with a frown.

Since when did people attempt to talk to me?

I lie on my bed, head over the edge to stop it dripping down my back and pick up my phone.


Do you know a painter girl called Madouc?


Madouc? Leo replies. Red head? Tall?




She’s a Seer but she paints what she sees. They’re always accurate and she always see the important stuff but her paintings are all very metaphorical and dreamy. if you an understand them, its great, but it can be quiet hard. Why?


She was talking to me. I just wandered…


Maybe she saw something about you? though I doubt it unless you’ll be killed or are the mole or something. …. ill feel really bad now if you do get killed.


I laugh quietly to myself, pushing away the murder possibility.

Before I can reply, he texts again.


Though she’s pretty against all the hierarchy stuff around here. Maybe that’s why?


I tap back a reply.


Yeah. Maybe.



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