St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


4. The Sadist

With a final warning glare aimed at Alex, I shoot out the room and into the stone hallway already buzzing with students.

It’s pure havoc.

Elements darting over my head, water spray against my arms, heat brushing my face, wind tousling my hair and sharp occasional pain from the Sparks, the electrically charged Others who enjoyed giving passers-by little shocks.

I lift my head, tired of the pushing, and smile just a little as they notice my red hair, my dark eyes.

“It’s the Sadist”, someone whispers. Everyone has a name given to them on account or their Quirk, though I don’t particularly enjoy inflicting pain, Alex was a particularly annoying and deserving exception, I did, none the less, cause agonizing pain. Therefore I am the Sadist.

It could be worse. One especially unfortunate kid around here somewhere had the “gift” of being able to emit a disgusting smell if he chose to.

He was called the Skunk…By the nice ones.

The rest of my walk to the canteen was easy, a path cleared in front of me revealing the still surprisingly clean and plump red carpet. Fire retardant naturally.

Not feeling particularly hungry I go straight over to the leather sofa in the corner and sit down next to a reclining Roan. He gives me a small smile, more of a lip twitch really, and continues to lazily cast his brown eyes around the buzzing room, taking in the scattered leather sofas (also fire retardant), occasional beanbags and coffee tables covered in a disarray of food wrappers and thick plates piled with sandwiches, croissants and cakes.

Working with gifted teenagers is tough, why make them hungry too?

“So you met a Scrambler then?” Another lip twitch. His arms are thrown across the back of the sofa, one behind me, and he lifts one to run his fingers absent-mindedly through his dark blonde hair.

I pull a face.

“Um hm.”

He laughs, a low rumbling deal that’s felt more than heard.

“Well here comes Leo.”

Sure enough Leo is sauntering towards us, arrogant smile, hands in his pockets, winking at a group of girls on his way over. One of them blows a kiss then shoots him a glare. Apparently she hadn’t been in control of that. The thing with Leo’s gift was no one had yet been able to prove it had been him making them do ridiculous things. Hence the arrogant attitude.

He lands down beside me, splaying out in the same fashion as Roan only his cries, bring it world, show me what you got, while Roan’s is a quiet, let’s see what you can do shall we?

“So you’re in love, Rose?” Leo smirks.

I elbow him low down in the stomach, a warning, try it again and I’ll aim lower.

“God no, he’s a Scrambler genius.”

“So should I be expecting more declarations of love for this guy?”

“Not if I’ve got anything to do with it.” I grumble and nod as a familiar figure walks in. “That’s him.”

They both look towards the door as he saunters in, still with that cocky walk. Roan makes a thoughtful sound while Leo rubs his hands together.

“Oh look at that swag! Please let me bring him down. I’m begging you Rose.”

I smile. We may be Outsiders but we are Outsiders together, we look out for one another.

“Maybe at lunch, we have to get to the Gov Meet.”

They both groan. Leo grumbles a few swear words.

“Well what better use do a bunch of freaks have…” Roan smiles, standing up to stretch. “Then as the governments personal army?”


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