St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


43. Sorry

What are you talking about?! Alex cries, eyeing the shut door being blocked by all three of us.

Leo steps forward.

“We worked out the Mole is a Channeller so…” He grins and Alex falls to his knees, wincing at the pain.

“I’m not the Mole!” Alex says through his teeth as he redirects Leo’s Quirk and I feel my knees start shaking as they begin to buckle.

Leo stops and I sigh in relief.

“We know it’s you!” Roan lunges forward and suddenly his hand is around Alex’s throat, pinning him to the wall.

“I’m. Not. The. Mole.” He gasps.

Roan meets his eyes.

“Tell the truth.”

But then he does.

There’s no way he couldn’t with Roan controlling him.

“I’m not the Mole.” Alex gasps.

Roan drops him, looking completely lost, confused.

“I’m sorry to tell you this,”Alex chokes out, not looking sorry in the slightest. “But that leaves only one other person.”

Leo and I look at each other.

How had we not considered her?

“Rin’s not the Mole.” Roan says stubbornly.

Leo bursts into action, lunging for the door and almost ripping it off its hinges. I run after him, Roan slowly choosing to follow us.

Leo knocks manically on Roan door where we left her.

No answer.

Roan reaches out, almost reluctantly, and opens the door.

We watch as it falls open to reveal an empty room. A sticky notepad is stuck to the wall directly in front of us.

Sorry X .


“It’s not her.” Roan mumbles stubbornly, staring blankly at the notepad.

Leo smacks his fist into the wall.

“Damn it!”

“She’s not the Mole.”

I rest my hand on his shoulder, gently trying to turn him away from the note but its like he’s drilled into the earth.

“Roan, I’m sorry-”

“It isn’t her.” He repeats in that same denying monotone.


He sparks to life in a sudden burst of flaming anger. The world blurs, the wind is knocked out of me and lights dance in front of my eyes as I smack my head against the wall.

Roan’s hands clench the shoulders of my shirt, his face inches from mine as his dark eyes twist and spark.

“She not the Mole!” He shouts, face turning red.

Fear jolts at my heart and I struggle against his hold.

“Roan!” Leo cries and shoves him backwards, away from me.

I slide down the wall, holding the back of my head and shaking my hands, reminding myself they’re not bound.

“What the hell do you think you doing!” Leo shoves him again until Roan falls onto his bed, the post-it note falling off the wall and flittering through the air. Roan snatches it and holds it gently in his shaking hands.

“I know you’re upset but that is no excuse to hurt Rose!”

That when I notice the glint of light from Roan’s chest. A necklace, the chain of which I’ve grown used to seeing around the back of his neck, has jumped out of the front of his shirt where he was pushed onto the bed.

It a cross.

A gold cross.

Like the one from Madouc’s painting.

“Leo.” I breathe.

“That girl has messed with your brain! What is wrong with you?!”

“It isn’t her.” Roan mumbles again, not seeming to know, or care, that wee there, Leo shouting at him and me trying to stem the faint trickle of blood that begun to seep out of the cut on my head.

“Leo.” I say louder and slowly bring myself to standing. Its not a good idea, the world disappears into flashing blackness and I can feel myself sway on my feet until Leo s warm arms keep me steady.

“His necklace, the cross from the painting.” I say quietly into his ear. “He’s part of Rin’s Quirk.”

Leo pales slightly and we both watch as Roan sits, cradling the post-it note in his hands and still mumbling

“She not the Mole. It isn’t her.”

She’s mind controlled him.

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