St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


46. Secrets


Roan is even quieter than before now, worry creasing his forehead. His slight limp is more pronounced too.

“What was with the Romeo stuff?” Leo asks, keeping a tight grip on my hand.

I shrug.

“It’s her student ID.” Roan mumbles. “Initials and birth date.” The tone sounding suspiciously like the Roan who slammed me against a wall.

Leo gives me a look.

I nod.

“Roan, why don’t you go to sleep? I know we’re going to bed. It’s late and it’s been a…. hectic day.”

He nods non-committally and veers off, changing direction to head back to his dorm.

“I’ll go with him. He spent a lot of time with Rin in there. I think his own company might just kill him.” He attempts a smile but I can see the worry still in his dark eyes. “Unless when you said we’re going to bed…”

I smile and shake my head, pushing him the other direction.

“Go, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He nods, quickly pressing his lips to mine and jogging to catch up to Roan.

I sigh and walk alone to my own room.

How would I feel finding out Leo had warped my mind, lied to me and possibly used me to get closer to my friends? All for a bit of money from a newspaper?

I shuddered and pushed it away.

Poor Roan.

I come to sudden halt as I spot two men in dark jeans and tops come into the hallway, a few doors down from mine.

One carries Madouc’s painting while the other acts as a bodyguard. Looking round and casting me a wary glance.

I smile sweetly and stay put until he gradually stops seeing me as a threat.

Someone obviously hadn’t done their research if a smile was all it took for him to disregard me.

Once the men are gone, Madouc sticks her head out and smiles when she sees me.

“So you told the Head then. What’s happened to Alex?”

I shake my head.

“It wasn’t Alex. Rin’s gone.”

“Oh.” She blinks. “Well at least the Mole’s gone right?”

I nod and sigh.

“I suppose, but I don’t really see what else she could have told them.”

“People will forget.” She says but neither of us believe it.

This was the kind of thing that would go in history books.

“Goodnight, Madouc.”

“Night, Rose.” She ducks back into her room and closes the door.

I don’t bother turning my light on, I get into my pyjamas in the dark and fall asleep quickly. Telling myself she couldn’t do anymore damage.

I didn’t know how wrong I was.




It’s strange. I woke up that day thinking how weird it would be to go back to normal after such a crazy few days. No Rin, no trouble…

There were no signs, no prophecies, I didn’t feel any different. Yet that day, everything changed.

It started with the vitamin.

“Did they have to make it so big?” I grumble, holding the pill in my hand, taking in the letters and numbers stamped on the side indicating it’s mine.

Leo rubs his eyes, looking tired.

“They had to fit all the goodness in.”

I shake my head doubtfully and attempt to shift it in my hand so it’s between my fingers but, despite its size, it manages to slip onto the floor.

Leo, shattered from staying up talking to Roan all night, doesn’t notice and steps on it.

“Leo!” I groan.

He looks down groggily and shifts his foot.

“Sorry, Ro- wait. What?”

I bend down and pick it up.

“That’s not a vitamin.” I say quietly.

We both stare quietly at the tiny wires and complicated looking software in my hand.

Leo shakes his head.

“No, it’s not.”

And that was just the start.


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