St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


3. Scrambler

Hey guys, you’ll love this.

I text, eyes staying firmly on the board. Mrs. Vulcan is horrible when it comes to phones. Not that we can contact anyone off site anyway. They have all kinds of things set up around the wall that block anything from in here getting out there and vice versa.

It’s more for their safety then ours.

Leo- Oh yeah? Try me

Roan- What makes you think so Rose? Serious as ever.

New kid. NEW new. cocky.

I quickly press send when I catch Mrs. Vulcan glaring at me suspiciously. I stare at the board and pretend to take notes until she looks away.


Leo- yeah! point him out to me at lunch and I can have me some fun. Everyone else is learning to block me  L

I mentally roll my eyes. He’s such a kid. Between him and Mr. Mature, I sit smack bang in the middle getting exasperated sighs from Roan and teased by Leo.

Roan- What’s his Quirk?

I shoot Alex a wondering glance. Not that it usually reveals anything.

He doesn’t seem to be a shifter. Like Beth, they like to use their Quirk to their advantage and play around with their appearance. Hence her usually white blonde hair, purple eyes and clear complexion. Alex is good looking but not perfect. His black hair is a bit rumpled looking, his slate grey eyes interesting but not outstanding. No, not a Shifter. He’s probably not an elemental either, those guys are always playing about with their element. Small fire balls, vines wrapping round their chair legs…

He gives me a smile that sets my nerves on edge. Considering what I just did to him, it shouldn’t be so friendly.

He looks too….innocent.

I look down at my phone

Message Sent.

I didn’t send any message.

And Mr. Cocky is still smiling at me.


I tap onto my sentbox and open up the last message.

He’s the most gorgeous guy in the world. incredibly smart too. I think im falling in love with him…

So he’s an Electro, a Scrambler. Whatever you want to call him, he’s going to be a pain in the neck for the rest of the year. But that also makes him a Lower so he’ll soon learn his place.

I glare at him, but he just smiles and gives me a questioning look. Yes? can I help you?

I smile back, sending a quick stab of pain right where it hurts.

He makes a choked groan and folds over onto the desk. Earning me another glare from Mrs. Vulcan.

“Alex, are you alright?” She asks, I can see the worry as a line on her forehead. If Alex cant bottle it here,they’ll have a whole lot of trouble trying to find somewhere else safe for him to go.

“I’m fine,”he chokes, head still on the desk and I do my best to look like a darling little angel as best I can with tumbles of wild red hair and pitch black eyes.

She turns back to the board.

Sometimes being an Outsider has it’s advantages.


Leo- Hahahahahahaha!! Oh my god rose! our little rosey Rose and new kid sitting in a tree…

Maybe I will let Leo have his fun with him.

Then I’ll have my fun with Leo.


Roan- So I take it he’s a Scrambler.


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