St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


24. News

We all have a future in government, so despite only being a few blissful months away from leaving school, I still have to take ICT lessons.

They’re just a bit different.

We are taught to use the latest technology, holographic screens, motion sensors…. the rest, completely top secret of course.

The only perk of the otherwise generally boring lesson, is we are not split into sets meaning I have Leo and Roan standing with me.

Rin’s probably here somewhere too.

God forbid they ever step out of each other’s personal space.

Today, we are hacking.

Not into the schools system, it would beyond stupid to teach your pupils how to get around the various blocks of your own system.

No, we’re just hacking into a bank.

Just filler work today, Mr. Wiley is off with a gunshot wound.

Instead some intimidating government official stands at the front, making sure we don’t start anything while we follow the instructions on the whiteboard.

Hack into banks system.

Done and with my own personal record of half an hour.

Increase your bank account by 0.50 pence. – Anyone transferring any more will be sent to The Head. This money will be returned to the bank at the end of the day.

Done. Though Leo was clearly thinking about making himself a temporary millionaire.

I lean back in my seat and glance at the clock.

Ten minutes left.


Fingering the bandage on my arm, I think of Matt’s accusations.

“Someone here has been leaking information about us, all of us…”

Did that mean there were more articles?

Clicking onto Google, I start searching for the latest stories.

There are a lot of hits.

It seems St. Bart’s had become public interest.

I open the latest article.


St. Bart’s – The Gifted Students.

Recent information has led to widespread shock as people learn just what it takes to become a student at St. Bart’s It’s simple, all you need is a genetic mutation. Though we do not currently have all the details we do know this, the people inside those walls are more than purely gifted or special.

These kids are something else entirely.

But how many are not behind those famously high, well-guarded walls?

Are they a threat to us?

Are the barbed wire and cameras as well as the round the clock armed guards for their safety or ours?

I frown, this is shocking yes, my heart seems to be spluttering in my chest, but there is nothing here about anyone specifically.

I click on the previous article.


St Bart’s – Shocking News!

We have recently been informed as to the nature of these gifted pupils. Due to some unknown reason, these pupils have “Quirks”, abilities. Such things involve manipulation of the elements as well as electrical signals, dreaming the future and shifting features. Such things we thought belonged in sci-fi, myths, fantasy, imagination. But we have been told, as well as shown, by a reliable informant that such things are in fact reality. Despite trying, we have, as of yet, been unable to talk to a teacher or the mysterious Head of St. Bart’s for confirmation. But we have seen the evidence and nothing shall stop us from sharing what has been kept away from us for who knows how long?

What we would like to know is how did these pupils come to have such abilities?

Are we at risk of developing such anomalies?

Were these supposed mutations, natural accidents, in fact, done on purpose?


My mouth drops open and, despite hearing the tinny sound of Mrs. Oscar and her bell, I can’t move.

On purpose?

I’d never thought where my gift came from, just a mutation, something that allowed me to intercept the pain signals in the brain and manipulate them. After all, pain is all in the mind.

“Leo,” I tap his arm and point at the screen. “You read this?”

“I was reading over your shoulder. He was right, it’s all there. Whoever this Mole is, they’re getting stupid. They’ll be in so much trouble-”

“No Leo! At the end…do you think we were given this on purpose?”

He shakes his head. “How? We all found it out at different times, Roan and I have been able to do this since birth, a couple of others too. How do you explain that?”

I shrug and log off, watching the screen blink before disappearing.

“I don’t know.” I concede, looking up as Roan stands waiting for us, Rin clinging to his arm like a damn monkey.

“What I wonder,” Roan murmurs, falling to walk beside me as we walk out of the hot computer room. “Is how one informant managed to show all these gifts.”

“Duh, obviously they used a secret camera.” Rin rolls her eyes as if this is obvious.

I want to pick holes in her theory but it makes sense.

I nod reluctantly and sigh when Roan starts to slow down to account for Rin’s fairly short size, leaving Leo and I alone in front.

Leo nods behind us.

“Wonder what their kid would be able to do.”

“Hmm, I don’t know and we never will because there is no way that is even a possibility.”

“Rose-” Leo laughs.

I cover my ears. “Nope, lalalalalalala! Ow!” I drop my burnt arm, wincing as the bandage catches against a blister. It’s a sharp pain and makes my eyes water.

“Freaking hell that hurt.”

He moves his arm as if to drape it around my waist before letting it swing back to his side.

I think back to year nine, he’d always been fairly touch feely, though never anything inappropriate, I’d always thought that was just Leo.


There are no other girls he talks to, none that will talk to him.

So how can I know?

Is this just Leo?

Or is it just me?


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