St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


51. Invisible

“What do you mean you cant see her?! The Min- Roan just said there was nowhere to hide!”

“Yes but you're forgetting she has Roan's ability and can alter our perception.” Leo says through his teeth.

We hear Hank suck in a breath of air. “Roan,” he says finally, “Can you not tell where the Quirk is coming from?”

“I'm not a Channeller Hank, I have no perception of the direction of abilities. Just because she's using the same ability as me, doesn't mean I have any control over it.”

All three of us stay crouched, watching the dot on the screen slowly start to move closer.

“She's coming towards us,” Leo informs Hank who swears in our ears.

“Arm yourselves and prepare to shoot.”

“What?” Leo and I cry incredulously.

“I'm not shooting her,” Roan growls.

“Look Hank, she knows us, maybe we can talk her round.” Leo offers hopefully.

All we hear is white noise followed by crackling.


No reply.

“You don't reckon she's got Scrambler ability too do you?” Leo says.

We watch as her dot vanishes off the screen.

We spin, our backs to each other, waiting for her to become visible. No Hoarder can use more than one or two abilities at once. Right now she was using two, surely she would tire and have to stop one soon. Then we could get her.

“I stored up quite a few Quirks in my time at that hellhole.”

The shock of hearing Rin's bodiless voice is soon overshadowed by heat and sharp stings. But its no longer contained in my chest, it takes over my body making me both want to curl into a ball and spread out over the ground. I think I'm screaming but I cant tell, all I can think about is the pain that controls my body.

Its all in my head. Its all in my head, I think but just like I was immune to Alex's Channeller abilities because the pain consumed him, I couldn't get enough control of my brain to pick away the illusion from reality.

I knew it wasn't real, but that didn't stop it from lighting every nerve ending on fire.

Some distant part of me knew that I was crying and screaming, that I was writhing on the ground and Leo was touching me, trying to soothe.

Then, all at once, the pain was gone and I was left with a sensation that reminded me of headrush.

“Rose?” Leo says in a quiet, hoarse voice.

“I'm okay,” I assure him, my voice equally rough.

Roan stand in front of me, his gun in his hand which swings limply at his side.

“Will someone please tell me what's going on!” Hanks screeches in my ear.

Pulling myself to standing, I sigh and clear my throat, wiping my face of drying tears.

“She used my ability on me.” I say, still  bit shaken.

That's what I do to people?...

“Roan shot her,” Leo adds.

I spin to face him. “What?!”

“Where is she?” Hank barks.

Roan sighs and clears his throat.

“She took a bullet to the leg but she got away.”

“What do you mean she got away?! She was right there! Hows it going to look her turning up to the press with a gunshot wound?!”

“She's not heading to the press.” Roan says quietly, putting his pistol back in the holster on his hip.

“And what makes you think that?” Hank sneers.

“Because we were...friends before she ran off. She told me she has family this way. She's just trying to go home.”

Something heavy and cold settles in my stomach.

She's just trying to go home.

It's not something we as Outsiders could quite comprehend, but we knew what home meant to others, a place of security and acceptance. We'd made our own home at St.Bart's, our own family with the three of us. But Rin didn't belong anywhere in St. Bart's hierarchy so instead she was heading for somewhere she knew she belonged.


And which of us could blame her for that?

We share a look.

We couldn't do this.

“What are you doing?! Go after her!”

I peel the microphone off my jugular and motion for the others to do the same.

“She may have made life a bit more difficult for us with these press releases, but do either of you guys actually want her to be dragged back to St.Bart's? Do we actually know whats going to happen to her?”

They shake their heads.

“Then I say we go a bit rogue, we find her and tell her to run. Grab her family and run.”

“I cant shoot her.” Roan mumbles. “Not again, not to kill.”

Leo nods, “she was annoying as hell but no, I cant kill her either.”

We put the microphones back on.

“Hank?” Leo calls as if in distress.

“What? What happened?!”

“Sorry, we think she messed with the mics.”

Well they're working now, just go after her!”

With a nod at each other, we start following the trail of blood, determined to do the right thing.

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