St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


35. Healed

St Bart’s- Inside the Outsiders

Saint Bartholomew’s continues to hold yet more secrets. We have recently discovered the Outsiders. The feared groups of students within the school with terrifying abilities have frightened us to our core. They include the Mind Controller, The Body Snatcher, and The Sadist, all horrific in their own rights. These students are able to alter our thoughts, control our bodies and make us imagine we are feeling indescribable pain.

So just what business do these students have in the government of the future? As we expected, we are receiving no comments of acknowledgement of what we have been told.

Why not? Surely we deserve to know the existence of such beings?

It seems all the precautions are in fact for our own safety.


“Leo.” I breathe, grasping for his hand on my shoulder.

“I know.”

I want to close down the computer, throw it out of the window, but I can’t take my eyes from the screen.

Leo growls low in his chest and stands up so suddenly his chest falls backwards making a loud crack.

The room falls silent.

“Who is leaking this?!” He cries, glaring at the crowd in the Snug.

They look at each other uncertainly.

“Start talking or you’ll start dancing.” He roars.

I stand up and grab his arm.

“Leo, the Mole is hardly going to own up now. They might not even be in here.”

But he doesn’t seem to care, even I’m twitching with the energy rolling off him.

Roan clamps a hand on Leo’s shoulder, Rin staying curled up on the sofa looking out of her element.

“Leo, remember Matt? He did the same thing and look how that turned out.” He grabs my arms and holds it out in front of us.

I pull it back, embarrassed the bandage it looking a little yellow now, not to mention the dirt on it from the combat.

I need to go to the Nurse.

Leo sighs heavily and angrily, closing his eyes.

The twitching recedes and the crowd begin to look less nervous.

“Look, come to the Nurse with me.” I smile, hoping to distract him. “I need a new bandage and she might heal it up a bit or me if I beg enough.”

He nods reluctantly, casting a final glare around the room.

Leo is sweet but he had a temper.

I drag him away before he can change his mind.

“It said nothing about Rin.” He says quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“The article, it said the Mind Controller, Body Snatcher and Sadist. There was nothing about her.”

“Well she’s not really an Outsider, She’s an Upper who got kicked out and is unfortunately going out with Roan. Alex is an Upper. Just different circumstances.”

He nods and I can almost see the last bit of anger dissipate from him in a red cloud.

“Why didn’t you go to the Nurse earlier?” He asks, looking at my manky bandage.

“I don’t like getting help I guess. But I really need a new bandage so…”

I knock on the Nurses door, surprised there’s no line and she calls me in immediately.

I drag Leo in too.

“Hello, how can I help?” She asks, friendly enough but tired.

I hold out my bandage.

“I think I need a new one and I was wondering if you could heal it a bit?”

“Well you definitely need a new bandage.” She pats the seat opposite her and I sit down, holding out my arm as she unravels it.

“How long ago did you get this?”

“A day or two, not long.”

She tosses the old bandage in the bin and I feel Leo leaning over my shoulder to look.

It’s not as bad, but still painful, especially now the air is hitting the blisters.

“Hm,” The Nurse turns my arm gently. The hand mark is pretty obvious. “Elemental?”

I nod.

“Well I’ll heal the blisters but I can’t do much more than that. You never know when you get a broken bone or something more serious in this place and I need the energy.”

I nod, biting my lip as her hand hovers over the burn and I feel the heat from her hand increase.

Leo grabs my hand.

The pain is bearable but not very nice, especially as it’s a warm heat on a burn.

I distract myself with watching the redness fade and the skin begin to look less shiny, the blisters shrinking, shrivelling and finally disappearing.

“That’ll do. You don’t need a bandage but I would watch it, don’t catch it or it’ll still hurt.” She offers with a smile and I thank her before letting Leo’s fingers regain their blood supply and leaving.

I can’t stop stroking the healed skin even though it still smarts a bit.

“First healing?” Leo smiles.

“Well sorry but unlike you I don’t regularly get scratched or slapped. I don’t piss people off and they leave me alone.”

He chuckles and stops, I realise we stand outside my door.

“You walked me home?” I laugh, my stomach dancing.

He shuffles awkwardly.

“Yeah I… Sorry, I know I got a temper but I don’t like how those papers make you sound.”

I look at my feet.

“Yeah well, pain is what I do.” I give him a small smile, showing him I don’t mind.

Well, not much.

Then he’s closer, leaning down, mouth hovering just over mine. Not trapping me, waiting.

There was really only one thing I would do.

I lean up, locking my arms around his neck, to pull him down to my height as we finally kiss, his hands gripping me closer.

“Ha! I told you!”

We sigh.

“Hi Rin.”

I freaking hate that girl.


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