St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


12. Four

“Urrr!” I scream, falling onto the bed. Leo and Roan share a glance.

“Hi Rose.” Roan smirks.

“Shut up. That cocky jerk! Thinks he freaking knows me.”

“Ooh!” Leo smiles, moving to sit next to me cross legged. “We bitching about Alex?”

I can’t help a small smile as Roan sighs, sinks further into his slouch and looks out of Leo’s window.

“He reckons I’m annoyed about the looks people keep giving us because I miss being feared.” I growl.

The joking falls from Leo’s face and he puts an arm around my back, Roan puts his hand on my knee, still looking out of the window.

I swallow the unexpected tears and rile up my anger again.

“But I zapped him, my whole English class dropped the smirks so at least that issue will sort itself out.”

Leo kisses the side of my head. “That’s my girl.”

“Can’t we go to the Snug? No offence but your room smells funny.”

“Au de socks.” Roan agrees, wrinkling his nose. “That’s why I’m by the window.”

“Really? I thought it was part of the whole mysterious, moody thing you got going.” Leo retorts.

“Leo, do me a favour and-”

“Guys, Snug?”

Roan shrugs.

“Sure,” Leo jumps up so quickly I nearly fall off his bed, Roan steadies me before stretching and yawning.

I’m starting to think he’s in a permanent state of being half asleep.

We all squeeze out of his room and make our way to the Snug, a big carpeted room for us to hang out in with beanbags, comfy sofa’s, several TV’s with headphones and a couple of computers.

Being a Monday, there aren’t many in here, most go back to bed.

We grab a corner sofa and spread ourselves out. I stretch my legs over Roans lap and rest my head on Leo’s shoulder, feelings grateful to them for always being there for me.

Roan rests his hands on my shins while Leo rests his cheek against my head.

I’m just starting to relax when Roan taps my leg and nods to the corner where a group of Uppers stand jeering and insulting someone.

A girl I think from the long brown hair I can see through the gaps.

“Ello, what do we have here then?” Leo breathes, shifting so he’s sitting more upright.

Then we hear it.

“Outsider.” One of the Upper girls smirks, water trickling off the end of her fingers onto the girls head.


I nudge Roan with my foot.

“Go on Mr. Welcome Committee. Looks like we got a new one.”

He sighs and stands up, typically stretching before leisurely making his way over. They glance over their shoulders, throw a few more insults and jabs at the girl before dispersing giving Roan a wide birth.

“Aww.” Leo moans.


“Fearsome Foursome just sounds lame.” He pouts.

The girl is about our age which doesn’t make sense, we would know if we had two new people on the same day.

She peeks up at Roan and Leo and I give each other a look.

She’s not an Outsider, she’s an Upper, an Elemental.

Roan pauses before crouching down to where she’s curled up on the floor.

“Rin? What happened?”

“They found out.” She sniffs. “I’m not an Elemental.”

I shift to stand beside Roan, despite her apparently being an Outsider, she still shrinks away from me. I sigh internally.

“But I’ve seen you playing with your fire. You lit the cooker with it in cooking class in year nine. I was new and it scared the crap out of me.”

She gives me a small smile as if just realising I’m human underneath the red hair, black eyes and potential to make her scream in agony.

I smile back.

See Alex? I think. I just want people to see me.

I feel Leo come to stand beside us.

“I did, but that was Sasha.” Tears fill her eyes again at the mention of her best friend. “It’s all Alex’s fault!”

“When you say that was Sasha,” Roan says, something in his voice telling me he’s several steps ahead of us as usual. “You mean….?”

She nods.

“I’m a Channeller too.”

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