St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


33. Cute

I jog on the spot, trying to stay warm in my stupid shorts and shirt.

It’s freaking winter, there is frost on the ground and I forget my jacket and joggers.


My goosebumps are almost painful and I find myself actually looking forward to the exhausting warm up.

Leo jumps up beside me, he’s not dressed much better but then he never seems to get cold.

Lucky jerk.

He has cow patterned socks pulled over most of his calves and a long sleeved shirt under his t-shirt but he’s rolled up the sleeves.

I’m so cold I’m almost numb and barely feel the fabric he drops on my shoulders.


I grip his jacket closer, slipping my arms through.

“No, I’m so excited I’m shaking.” I reply sarcastically and wave my arms, the empty fabric at the end of the sleeves flapping.

He laughs and starts rolling them up, making me feel as though I’m four years old again. He even bends down on one knee, not seeming to care his bare skin is digging into the ice compacted dirt, and pulls the zip up to my chin.

“You done?” I sigh.

He smiles, standing up again. His knee is bright red.

“You look cute in my jacket,” he says, voice gruffer.

Something twitches and tighten in my stomach.

I raise my eyebrows.


Let’s see, red hair, black eyes, studded jewellery, chains on my ears, capability to make people scream… I wasn’t seeing the cuteness.

He steps closer and either his jacket is just taking effect or I was blushing.

“Yeah. Cute.”

Ma’am blows her whistle and the moment shatters.

Just like my eardrums.

“Guess what we’re doing today class?” She grins.

This wouldn’t be good.

“Considering it’s so cold, a lot of moving! Now last one around the track and to do twenty sit ups goes and gets my coffee from the staff lounge. Go!”

She blows her whistle again and we’re off, Roan runs slower than usual, in order to stay beside Rin.

Leo and I give each other a look, a competition silently starting between us before were sprinting, gasping for air trying to gain the lead.

Leo is one of the fastest in the school, and he’s already in front of me, but I have better stamina.

Soon he starts lagging and as we turn the last corner, a handful in front of us, we’re running side by side.

“Getting tired?” I gasp between breaths.

“Just wait. I’ll catch up on the sit ups.”

I forgot about those.

It’s tempting as soon as I lie down, to just stay there, catch my breath and maybe take a nap. But Leo’s already on three.

In the end he wins.

“Ha! Champion!” He cheers, bowing to an invisible crowd.

I lie on the hard, cold ground, gasping for breath.

I was certainly warmed up that was for sure. Unzipping Leo’s jacket, I sit up and just watch him gloat.

“Leo,” Ma’am says, a sly smile on her face. “Interesting socks.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.” He bows.

She makes a noise, hardly hiding the smile before bellowing at the last few runners to speed up.

Only not quite in those words.

Some orange faced Upper is last over the line and she jogs off to the staff lounge but I see her slow to a walk as she rounds the corner.

“Now, after the… interesting combat lesson last time, I’ve decided to carry it on again this lesson. See if you can do better. Roan, you will not be going with Rin.”

From the looks on their faces you’d think she just told them they were being moved to other sides of the world.

“And girls.” She turns to the remaining Uppers. “You will go with the same partners you had last time. Everyone else, go with who you like as long as you have one girl and one boy in your team.”

Leo suddenly glares over my shoulder and I turn to find Alex sauntering up.

“Hey partner, want to carry on where we left off?” He smiles, standing far to close.

“Leo!” A high voice squeals and Leo is dragged backwards by a blur of blonde and pink.


“Uh.” Leo says awkwardly.

“Sorry Alex, I’m going with Leo.” I push him away.

“Leo?” Barbie accuses, voice whiny.

“Yeah, sorry.” Leo pulls her hand off his shirt.

“But who do I go with?” She cries, actually stomping her foot.

I smile.

“Alex meet Bar- I mean Luce. Luce, this is Alex.”

I grab Leo and drag him away both of us trying not to laugh.

“Hope it won’t upset you to lose twice in a row, Rose.”

“Oh, I won’t be losing. How does getting floored sound to you?”

He grins cheekily.

“Sounds like fun.”

Before I can argue, Ma’am blows her whistle.



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