St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


49. Countdown

The Head seems to move into overdrive, rushing from point to point of the room while barking orders at us.

“You three need to go after her, my operatives have no experience dealing with abilities such as Rose's and Roan's. Not to mention she also wouldn't be running free right now if you three hadn't have tried to take matters into your own hands.” She gives us a knowing look and I feel my skin prickle.

We'd forgotten she was a Reader.

“You want us to hunt her down?” Roan asks incredulously, his tone not at detached as normal.

Rin might have made him ignore any giveaways that she was the mole, but maybe she hadn't controlled his feelings.

I reach out and take his hand, surprisingly, he squeezes it back in what I can only assume is appreciation.

“Essentially, yes,” she replies unflinchingly. “She has knowledge that could be very harmful to us. Not to mention she's living and breathing proof of what can be done. She can only store abilities for a limited amount of time. However her ability is one of the rarer so we don't know how long that is. Should she find the right people, or rather the wrong people, while still harboring your abilities…” she trails of, a hint of worry making itself evident by the crease between her perfectly symmetrical brows.

Roan frowns. “But they already know pretty much everything. Whats left for her to tell them?”

The Head blinks for a fraction too long.

“All the training we give you, the gadgets we have here,” she shrugs nonchalantly, turning to squint at the screen where Rin's dot slowly makes it way through what I'm assuming must be a field. “She'd think of something I'm sure.”

We three share a look, there's something not right about this. Roan especially does not look pleased, Leo looks a mixture of excited and nervous.


I don't know what to feel or what to think. All I know is that there's someone outside of the walls with my Quirk and it warrants sending an army out.

Doesn't exactly do much for my self-esteem.

A Suit appears out of nowhere leading me to think this room has many secret entrances and exits. He stands feet shoulders width apart, hands neatly folded in front of him and back straight. It might be the same man that originally told us about the Mole but I'm not sure.

The Head turns her head, as if just assure herself it who she thinks it is and nods.

“Outsiders,” she says, shocking us with the name. “Follow Hank, he'll brief and armour you.”

“Armour?” Roan says quietly, his face pinching.

I drag him forwards, towards Hank. Leo grabs my other hand, eyeing Hank warily.

“Right!” he says with a grin and claps his hand, rubbing them together and making a sound like sandpaper. It definitely the same guy I think, inwardly cringing at the dry skin sound.

“Lets get you kids suited up.”

Again we share a look


I think we're all tempted to show him what these kids can do.

Before I can dwell on my indignation, he turns and presses his hand against the wall. A green light emits from a small mirror Hank had been looking into and a soft rush of air is followed by a portion of the wall opening into a door.

Here I'd thought we'd been made aware of all the various gadgets St. Bart's had to offer.

What else didn't we know about?

We step into a slate grey, round room. The ceiling is curved and everything is smooth angles. I feel like we're both in a cave and a spaceship, the juxtaposition makes my head hurt.

I don't see Hank do anything out of the norm, maybe its just his presence, but shutters open on the walls, revealing all manner of guns, gadgets, binoculars and other devices I don't even know how to label.

He quickly gives each of us bulletproof vests thin enough to not be noticeable, guns, ear pieces that sit inside my ear canal and out of sight, microphones no bigger then the tip of my little finger which sticks against the side of my jugular and stun guns that sit inside my sleeve.

Hank then leads us through what we are expected to do, protocols, rules and regulations we must follow and then gives us a smile as he hands us devices showing Rin's travelling dot.

“Basically, that's her, follow the dot and stop her by any means necessary.”
I'm still wondering just what he means by stop her, my pistol pressing hard against my hip, when his grin stretches.

“Oh, and you only have another 12 hours before the tracker is completely passed  through her system so...catch her fast. Good luck!”

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