St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


42. Confrontation

I text Leo to come to my dorm, only realising when I open the door and see his expression that I maybe should have told him why.


“I know who the Mole is.” I grin, shutting my door behind me and grabbing his hand, pulling him away from my room and down the corridor.

“Really? Who?”

“Alex.” I whisper.

A mischievous, wicked smile grows on his lips and he speeds up beside me.

“Please tell me we are going to beat the crap out of him?”

I shake my head and he groans, pouting.

“We need to tell Roan first or he’ll never forgive us.”

Leo sighs.

“True.” Then he pulls a face. “But I’m pretty sure he’ll be with Rin, do we really want to interrupt whatever they’re doing?”

I shudder.

“I’ll text him we’re coming.”

“Good idea.” He nods.

I text one handed which means it takes twice as long but I don’t have to let go of his hand.

Ugh, shoot me. I’m turning into Rin.

Roan is standing looking grumpy and ruffled in his doorway when we get to his room.

Rin sits on the floor painting her nails as if that’s all they’ve been doing.

Yeah, right.

“What?” Roan grumbles.

“Ooh! Alright!” Leo laughs. “You can carry on from where you left off after we go beat up Alex.”

Rin puts the lid back on the varnish and blows on her nails, coming to loop her arm around Roan as she stands beside him.

Roan frowns.


“Did he make you look stupid again?” Rin asks.

Leo glares at her until she shrinks behind Roan’s tall form.

“Rose says he’s the Mole.”

“How did you work that out?” Roan asks, frown increasing.

Leo looks questioning at me too, realising he never asked.

“Madouc told me that she had the feeling that the cage represented the Moles Quirk. So what kind of Quirk means they have Shifter, Sadist and Elemental abilities?”

Roan nods. “A Channeller” Then he blinks. And blinks again. “So it must be Alex.”

“Exactly,” I grin, imagining Alex’s face from the back of a van as he’s carted off the school site to Godknowswhere to be punished Godknowshow.

“So that brings us to the beating up of Alex thing.” Leo grins and cracks his knuckles.

“Why don’t we just tell The Head?” Roan asks.

Rin reappears from behind him, holding his hand and casting wary looks at Leo.

“No.” Leo and I say in unison.

“He’s been nothing but a pain in the ass since he got here. We’ll tell her after I make him sorry from bringing Billy Jones back into my life.” I fold my arms stubbornly.

“And Rin’s right, he made me look stupid not to mention the creep he’s been to Rose.”

Roan sighs.

Rin tugs on his hand.

“Go with them.” She says, meeting his eyes and smiling.

Roan tilts his head back to the ceiling and groans.

“Fine, but only to make sure they don’t do anything stupid.” He grumbles before she pulls him down to kiss him.

Leo and I look at each other and pull a face before laughing quietly.

Roan gives us a glare, not fooled by our innocent look but grudgingly leads the way to Alex’s room.

Leo jumps around, getting pumped and ready.

The anger feeds the ball in my chest and I can feel the same happening to Leo and even Roan who, despite originally being reluctant, seems excited.

Well as excited as someone as emotionally stunted as Roan can be.

Leo pounds on Alex’s door.

“Busy!” He shouts from inside and we hear a girly giggle.

Roan smirks, lifts up a foot and kicks the door right in the centre The hinges groan and crack slightly but stay intact.

“Bloody hell!” Alex cries and a few moments later, he opens the door. Black hair messy, grey eyes dark and annoyed.

He ignores Roan and Leo and smiles when he sees me.

“Rose! Want to join us?”

Which is not the smartest thing to say when my boyfriend is standing right beside me and already has a grudge against him.

Not to mention the “us” he speaks of is him and Devil Barbie.

Oh please let her be an accomplice, I think, crossing my fingers. Just give me an excuse to yank out her extensions and I’ll die happy.

Barbie curls her lip when she sees me, coming to stand behind Alex, wearing only a longish shirt that doesn’t cover nearly as much as I’d like it too.

“Oh, I’m good.” I smirk, giving Barbie a bitchy smile.

Leo’s really pissed off now and Barbie and I are busy psychically slagging each other off so Roan steps in.

“Luce, you may want to leave. We need to talk to Alex.”

She glances at Roan and all his tall, blonde mysteriousness and nods, grabbing her trousers before walking out.

I watch Leo but he doesn’t watch her walk away.

Good boy.

Alex looks annoyed but leaves his door open and goes over to sit on his messy bed.

“So what do you want from me?” He asks.

We crowd into his room and Leo smiles.

“We want you to regret ever saying shit about us to the paper.”

Alex’s eyes go wide.

Roan shuts the door.


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