St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


27. Combat

Ma’am makes all the girls pair up with a boy, a few Barbie look-a-likes moan and protest but are eventually put with a rather scared looking partner.

“Okay, you’ve all had hand to hand combat training as well as crash courses in multiple martial arts.” We nod, even Alex. They must have caught him up.

“So today will just be a bit of fun practice. Of course usually, you will have the use of your gifts. Today however, in light of the few Channellers in the group and the recent business with ability misuse, you will be working powerless.”

A few protests go around and Alex grins.

Damn it, the only perk of working with him was going to be zapping him.

It made sense though, unless Rin and Alex were near someone with a Quirk, they were powerless.


Ma’am blows on her whistle so hard my ears ring and my eyes water.

“No excuses! Do not hold back, you need to get used to real combat. Once your opponent is down, they are down. The fight ends. Any injuries, come and see me and I’ll decide if it deserves a trip to the Nurse or an insult.” She smiles at the group of girls who stand grumpily with their partners. “Chipped nails and split ends do not count as injuries.”

The girls flush as the class laughs at them.

“Right, ready?” Ma’am bellows.

Alex and I bend low, standing opposite each other. His quads bulge as he crouches, biceps jumping out of his arms.

Ah crap.

I look over at Leo and Barbie, she stands bent over, looking like a displaying cat while Leo stands, looking uncertain where to grab.

The whistle blows and Alex launches himself at me, so distracted by Leo and Barbie, I’m tackled to the ground along with a couple of others.

Alex crouches over me.

“Well I didn’t get the scenery right, but I always knew this would happen Rose.” He grins.


I bring my knee up, catching him where it hurts and roll away as he groans and curls into a ball.


I brush off the dirt on my shorts and shirt and look around while Alex recovers.

Roan and Rin are more play fighting then anything, her sitting on his chest laughing hysterically. Leo is trying to dodge Barbie’s grabs, shooting Alex glares.


“A bit harsh Rose but good! Know their weakness!” Ma’am congratulates before turning a disapproving look on Rin who quickly jumps up. “Take this seriously please…”

Alex groans, stumbling to a stand.

“Don’t do that again.” He winces, trying to shake it off.

“Fine. One nil to me. Round two?”

He nods, choosing to stand this time as we face off.

There is no verbal start, no motion, just movement.

Alex rushes at me again but this time, I’m prepared and dodge out of the way, managing to kick his feet out from under him as he passes. He stumbles but stays upright and we’re facing off again. Both our guards up but both reluctant to actually punch or kick each other.

He nods.

“You first.”

“No, now you’re ready for me to atta-,” He suddenly kicks out, getting my stomach. Granted I can tell he held back but God does it hurt. A sick ache that makes me feel sluggish.

“Sorry.” He winces.

I go for a high kick, pretending to stand on a box with one leg to use as propulsion to bring my other leg up higher and catch him under his jaw.

His head snaps back and he just manages to twist as he falls, landing on all fours. I quickly kick his side so he lands on his back before pinning down his hands and sitting on his stomach.

I smile at the spot of mud on his chin.

“Two nil, you’re not very good at this.”

Alex’s eyes narrow and he struggles weakly before sighing.

“Well I haven’t had all your training.”

“You’ve had some obviously.”

“I’m a judo black belt.” He shrugs. “But I’m out of practice.”

I frown.

“Then shouldn’t you know a lot about hand to hand combat? You can’t even get me off you.”

He grins.

“I’m not trying. I rather like you on top.”


“You’re disgusting.”

“Don’t be inappropriate please.” Ma’am warns as she passes.

Leo shoots a glance over at us upon hearing Ma’am words and Barbie jumps on him.

Alex suddenly heaves upwards, sending me flying backwards so now we’ve switched positions and he’s sitting on me.

I can barely breathe, let alone fight him.

“I think you’ll find it’s one all.” He chuckles.

I reach my head over and bite down hard on his wrist.

He grits his teeth but refuses to pull away.

I bite down harder but have to unlatch when I start to feel blood seeping out.



I glare back angrily but nod, if only to get him off me.

He jumps up, rubbing his wrist and inspecting the bite mark.

“Jesus Christ, you made me bleed!” He grumbles.

I wipe my mouth and wince as I get up, stomach still aching.

Ma’am starts to make her way over and gives me a look I can’t interpret before looking at Alex’s bite mark.

“Well I admire you’re commitment to the task Rose and I know I said don’t hold back, but I’m afraid you won’t have a partner while Alex goes and gets a bandage for this.”

I shrug.

“That’s fine.”

Alex wonders off, blood trickling off the tips of his fingers and winding round his arm like red vines.

Leo shoots daggers at his back while Barbie giggles on the floor. When he looks at me, it’s only for a moment and then he’s helping Barbie off the floor as she makes a big show of wiping mud off her rear. But in that moment he looks like he’s ready to both tear off Alex’s head and fall into a mope. Hurt and pissed but overall conflicted.

I sigh.

This is all so messed up.


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