St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


54. Cold


A lot happens all at once, time seeming to both stretch and speed by.

Leo’s limp body hits the ground, a bullet hole in his back. As blood seeps out the exit wound, the ball of heat in my chest builds to an impossible size, hurting me in the process, and erupts out in one huge wave of pain and fury.

All my anguish, all my despair and desperation, the agony of my bleeding heart, concentrated into a ball of unbearable pain.

And it’s aimed straight at Hank.

He never really stood a chance.

His knees buckle, his eyes bulge out of his head, his face turning red as he fights to catch his breath, he foams at the mouth and, finally, falls to the floor.

I follow suit not long after, my energy spent.

Roan, slow and measured, picks up his weapon, cocks it and aims at the unconscious Hank.

Tears silently drip down his pained face and he wipes them away angrily with his arm.

“For Rin,” he croaks before pulling the trigger.

A loud bang, another dead body.

Roan and I are now outnumbered by death in this field.

Rin, Hank….Leo.

I squeeze my eyes shut at the pain and drag myself over to him with shaky arms.

“Leo,” I whisper, useless hope in my voice.


Finally within reaching distance, I roll him over. I have to see his face, I have to see it once last time.

His eyes are closed, face pale. The bullet wound is a glaring hole of red and, even though it’s too late, I put pressure on it, hands soaking in his blood.

Still warm.

“You’re gonna be fine, just hold on okay?” I breathe, stroking his hair with my other hand.

“You just need to hold on Leo, you’ll heal. I wont let you die.” My voice cracks. “You cant die.”

“Rose..” Roan’s hand touches my shoulder.

“Roan, phone an ambulance.”

“Rose, he’s-”

“He’s what, Roan?!” I snap, turning to glare at him through tear filled eyes, heat growing in my chest. “Don't tell me he’s dead Roan, because he’s not. He’s not dead. He cant be dead! I cant-, I cant -” I breath a shaky breath. “I cant lose him, Roan. He’s all I have.”

I can see the pity in his eyes, he tries to move my hand from the wound but I don't move.

“Why aren't you calling an ambulance?”

“Rose, we need to go. They’ll be here soon-”

“No, you can go. I’m not leaving him.”

“Rose, you need to leave him.”

I feel his voice weave itself around me, forcing me to sit.

But then my hand moves on his wound and fresh, warm blood coats my skin.

“How dare you! How dare you, Roan! Just because you’re girlfriends dead!” I scream, too angry to regret my choice of words.

Pain seems to hit him like a train and he turn to look at Rin, a fresh wave of agony washing over his features.

“Fine, do what you want.” He turns away from me and falls to his knees beside her.

“Leo?” I whisper in his ear, the sent of his shampoo sending warmth to my chest, it grows as I look at his beautiful features, seeming to replace my sinking heart.

His chest is still, his skin is cool.

“Leo please?” my own tears fall onto his face.

Out of habit, I reach for the ball in my chest to help solve the situation, to fix it all, but instead of hot, spiky pain, its soft and warm. It spreads through my limbs and out my hands, giving the illusion that Leo is still alive, his body warm with life.

But that's all it is.

An illusion.

This isn't Leo anymore, just his body.

Leo is dead.

And I’m alone in the world.

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