St Bart's

"I guess you could say I was strange. But weird is normal here." For Rose normal isn't exactly....normal. They all share a secret, one that needs to stay a secret.
But with a mole in their midst, things could get interesting.


22. Choices

My arm’s been under the cold water so long, it’s practically numb.

Not that I’m complaining, my arm still feels warm to touch though and even when I take it out of the water, it still looks wet. Little blisters marring my freckles skin.

Leo makes an angry noise.

“I’ll make him beg for forgiveness.” He growls, fingers hovering over the burn.

I smile but shake my head.

“Don’t bother Leo, once I’ve shown this to The Head, he’ll be suspended.”

“Still,” he walks over to the freezer and grabs an ice pack before wrapping it in a towel. “I’d enjoy it.” He grins, offering it to me.

I turn off the tap and wrap the pack around my arm before turning towards my room.

“And they call me the Sadist.” I mumble, shooting him a smile which he returns and drapes his arm around my waist while I cradle my arm, holding the ice pack tightly against it.

“How’s it doing?”

I pull a face.

“Well its better but…you know. It hurts.”

He nods and opens my door for me, shutting it behind me as I collapse onto my bed, sinking into the numerous pillows I threw on it this morning.

I peel off the pack and look at the burn, wincing as the air hits the cool, burnt flesh.

“Can you get a bandage out of my draw? Bottom right.”

Leo fishes around and helps me to wrap it around my arm, brows meeting in a frown as he finishes it off with a pretty impressive bow.

“Hey, thanks for making him apologise earlier.” I say. Fiddling with the bow. It would probably come undone while I slept. “You took it a bit far, but you meant well.”

His finger comes to push against my chin, forcing me to meet his eyes.

“You don’t need to feel self-conscious around me.” He sighs, exasperated. “And I was more than happy to bring that jerk down a peg.”

He releases my chin but I keep my head up.

“Sorry, but…” I take a breath, steeling my nerves and blanking my mind. “Since Rin’s comments… I just… don’t know any more”

He sighs heavily, leaning back against my wall, running his hand through his hair.

“Nothing has to change if you don’t want it to, Rose.”

I frown down at my bandage.

“What does that mean?”

My bed shifts and I look up to see him sitting cross legged in front of me, his cheeks slightly flushed.

My stomach plummets, my heart skipping and racing.


“It means…I’ll be whatever you want me to be. As long as we are at least friends, I’m happy.”

“Leo, I didn’t-”

He shakes his head dismissively.

“Don’t make any decision now. Not when you’ve got all those painkillers in your system.” He grins and stands up. “I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning. Night, Rose.”

“Night.” I answer numbly and watch him as he leaves.

What the hell was I going to do?

What did I even want to do?

I had answers for neither.


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