Beach romance(a zayn malik story)

Raina Moore lives the life her mother wanted her to have which includes: hunting, sports, adventures, rock climbing, and her favorite surfing in order to do that she has to move around. A lot. So she doesn't have time to make friends. Even though she is very beautiful and has a amazing personality. She likes to be a bit of a show off, she's a total dare devil and will do ANYTHING to prove a point. What happens when she meets zayn? When she has to leave what will happen then? I guess you will have to read to find out.. <3


1. sharing the wave

*zayns pov*

"Man I love the beach it's so relaxing" I said taking a deep breath smelling the salty ocean air

"Me too" Harry said

"Me three" Louis added

"I just want some food" Niall added and we all laughed

"Yes the nialler must eat" Liam said while joining with us

"Okay let's go eat and then let's get some surf boards I want to show off my skills" Harry bragged

"Oh please everyone here knows I'm the best" I said

"Oooohhhh I hear a challenge comming up" Louis said while jumping

"Yeah is that a challenge zaynie" Harry went on

"It sure is pretty boy" I narrowed my eyes and we got our boards and went into the ocean

I waited one wave came past and Harry took it so I watched him surf that wave while I waited he did pretty good I gotta admit but I wanted to prove I was better so I did

The next wave was perfect so I paddled up deeper into the ocean and waited for the perfect moment and I stood and it felt like I was floating on a cloud but the cloud was water the wave curled over me and I put my hand in the water beside me and it felt amazing

I rode it back to the beach and went up to the boys

"Told you I was better" I told Harry

"Fine you win" he laughed

"You betcha" I said winking and we all laughed

Then we got back into the water to catch another wave the first wave came and it was a little small so Louis Harry and Liam shared that one we all laughed as they started posing as Niall took pictures

The next wave was huge. Perfect.

*raina's pov*

Ugh finally I finally get to surf once again it's been too long

I wanted to warm up I saw this guy take the wave I wanted he was good then I saw another wave come and this really cute guy took it I watched him you could see the passion and love he has for surfing as he rode the wave I smiled to myself thinking about how I wasn't alone in the love and passion I have for surfing

"Okay Raina let's do this" I said to myself

The next wave was too small for my taste so I decided to wait for a bigger one and let a rookie take that one then one of the boys I saw before and two of his other friends rode it and I started laughing because they made funny faces for pictures a blonde guy was taking at the shore.

The next wave that came was huge. Perfect.

I guess warming up will have to wait

I paddled up and waited I didn't expect anyone else take this wave because it was so big until I looked and saw the cute guy looking back at me. I blushed a little

"Don't hurt yourself love" he told me

"Trust I won't if anything I should be telling you that" I laughed and the wave came closer so I paddled up and it became bigger and bigger. I turned my head to see the guy doing the same. Okay then.

I waited for the perfect moment and stood. I did a couple tricks and looked at the guy next to me he was laughing and shaking his head then he did a couple too. Oh he was good. I did one of my more advanced tricks and so did he then he lost balance for one second and fell I started laughing hard. And then I slipped and took a deep breathe and fell head first into the water.

I saw something under the water. It was huge. It was a type of fish I looked around and saw people moving from the direction and I felt a hand arm and I was pulled getting pulled along with the person that had my arm.

Once we got out of the water I choked and looked up to see the person who saved me

I look up and I see him.

"Hey thanks for uh saving me down there"

"No biggie are you okay"

"Yeah just shocked"

"Me too I can't believe there was a shark"

I looked at him wide eyed and froze

"Are you okay love?"

"Th- wha- what it shark" I couldn't think straight or get any words out of my mouth I couldn't speak I was in shock that's how my dad died. In a boat. With a pool of sharks.

"Hey mate.. Is she okay?" I heard a boy say he had a Irish accent

"I don't know man"

I blinked and opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out

"Are you okay" the Irish lad said

I nodded

"What's your name"

"Rai" I don't know why I couldn't say my full name but I couldn't

"That's a beautiful name" the cute one said


Just then I remember about my clothes and phone

"I uh have to go get my stuff" I said recovering from the shock that I was so close to a shark

"Can we come" the both looked at me

"I guess it's okay" I smiled

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