Beach romance(a zayn malik story)

Raina Moore lives the life her mother wanted her to have which includes: hunting, sports, adventures, rock climbing, and her favorite surfing in order to do that she has to move around. A lot. So she doesn't have time to make friends. Even though she is very beautiful and has a amazing personality. She likes to be a bit of a show off, she's a total dare devil and will do ANYTHING to prove a point. What happens when she meets zayn? When she has to leave what will happen then? I guess you will have to read to find out.. <3


2. her beauty and feelings

*zayns pov*

We walked with her to get her stuff I took a look at her she was beautiful she had light brown hair and light blonde at the bottom it went well with her tan skin and fit body. She grabbed her stuff and turned to Niall and I

"I don't think we met properly this is Niall and I'm zayn" I said with a smile and she showed her perfect teeth and looked at Niall then me and shook our hands. Her eyes were amazing she had a dark blue outline and on the inside her eyes were the lightest blue like electricity. I couldn't stop staring

"Um zayn" Niall said nudging me, "don't scare the poor girl"

She started laughing it was adorable the way.

"Yeah don't scare me" she laughed and we joined her

"Sorry sorry I can't help it your beautiful" said raising my hands to show my innocence

She blushed and looked down at her feet

"Come now I want you too meet three other people"

"Okay" she said and smiled

We walked up the beach towards the boys and they looked up and saw us Rai lagged behind trying to get her sandals on then she caught up

"Hey ma- woah who's this lovely lady" Harry said while winking and that made Raina blush I cant help but feel a little bit jealous

"Hi" she said and waved

"This is Liam, Louis, Harry and you already know Niall and I" I said smiling at her

Liam looked up and smiled and waved

"What's your name love" I knew Liam was being nice but I couldn't help but yet again have that jealous feeling

"Rai" I answered for her she turned and half smiled at me

*rainas pov*

Zayn was cute and sweet an funny and woah woah woah what am I doing stop it right now brain I'm not supposed to have even met them it wouldn't work out plus I would probably be leaving anyways so what did it matter

I heard a beep and checked my phone

'Singing auditions in 30 minutes get ready now'

My alarm told me

"Um I'm sorry to interrupt but I have to get going now it was lovely to meet you all"

"You too beautiful" zayn was cheeky I liked that I smiled and walked away

"Thanks again for saving my life" I yelled while jogging away

'Man today was a change I told myself'

I looked in the mirror and read a sentence from the letter my mom left me when she was dieing

'Hey baby girl I love you keep you head up I will be there for you always'

I started crying a little but wiped my eyes so no one would know

'In strong I'm strong' I thought to myself

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