Pirates Love

This story is set in early 1800 around the outskirts of London. Then travels around the world. Not everything in this story is accurate. Raven is a girl who has lead a bad life after her mothers death. She has a father who beats her. But her life changes after she meets a pirate named Henry Jones. Will they live a life full of happiness or pain no one knows what the future hold you just have to wait and see. It will not be edited till I'm done writing


9. Chapter 9: I Love You

"James James help me take him to the ship please please" I begged him and he helped me carry him as I attacked whoever decided to cross our path. We got on the ship but it was to late he lost to much blood. We laid him on the floor his breaths were coming really slow.

"I told you I'd find you I told you" he whispered.

"I know my love I know" I felt my tears slipping.

"Everything will be ok Raven it will I promise it will. Go on adventures I leave the ship in your possession it's yours use it travel live your dreams be free." He said.

"I can't not with you not without you"

"You must"

"Henry" my voice broke.

"I love you my dear Raven." He said.

"I love you too Henry" I breath as I stroked his cheek.

"Everything will be okay." He said.

"I know" I kissed his lips one last time.

"Such beautiful eyes" he whispered when he pulled away and with that his life slipped away and he was gone. I cried over his body everyone was silent. I was sad but I was also mad I was beyond mad I looked at the island and screamed as I felt power rise in me and the island started to crumble and fall apart. Then everything went dark. I woke up the next day they told me they hadn't done anything to his body yet cause they wanted to wait for my order I told them they can bury him at sea but that I wanted his heart. They took me to his body and it was like he was sleeping peacefully I took out the knife and cut his chest and pulled out his heart then we wrapped him up in a blanket out him in a small boat and sent it to sea when it was at a far distance I set an arrow on fire and shot it at the boat he was on and watched it burn.

Two years later

Its been two years since Henry died and I did everything I wanted to do I traveled all around the world but it wasn't the same I wanted Henry to be there with me. After we buried him at sea I went back to my tribe and went to the clearing where I spread my mothers ashes dug a hole and placed his hear inside I made a stone rise from the ground and carved My love who showed me the world. I didn't really know what to write but it was the best I could think. I put a protection spell so only I can see it. Yesterday I gave the ship to James I told him I wouldn't need it anymore and left him in charge. I went back to the clearing I visited it every year on the time of his death and told him about my journeys. As I was walking there I was looking at the potion in my hand. I finally reached the clearing and started talking about where I went and what I did and all the crazy things we did. Then about how much I missed him and I couldn't take the heart ache anymore, how I wanted to be with him and only him. I laid down and stared at the sky.

"I love you Henry" I said I drank the position and felt the darkness take over as I felt a tear slip. I woke up and saw that my body was glowing I looked down and saw my body sleeping not not sleeping it was dead I was dead. I took that potion to die.

"I was wondering when you would come"

I turned around and saw him standing there well more like floating actually his body was glowing too and he had both his hands. He reached one out to me and took it. Even though we we're ghosts I could still feel him and I smiled.

"Thank you for telling me those stories they were very nice." He says.

"Your welcome" I say with a smile.

"I love you Raven"

"I love you too Henry"

"There is someone who is excited to meet you" he says.

"Who?" I ask as I look up, and I see my mother. I go to her and hug her.

"Its been a long time sweetie" she says in a soothing voice. "Why don't we go for a walk and you can tell me stories too." I nod nod we wonder off and I never looked back.

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