Pirates Love

This story is set in early 1800 around the outskirts of London. Then travels around the world. Not everything in this story is accurate. Raven is a girl who has lead a bad life after her mothers death. She has a father who beats her. But her life changes after she meets a pirate named Henry Jones. Will they live a life full of happiness or pain no one knows what the future hold you just have to wait and see. It will not be edited till I'm done writing


7. Chapter 7: I Will Take You

Ravens P.O.V

I woke up in the morning wrapped in his arms. Last night was perfect he was so gentle nothing even hurt. But even though this felt nice I was still scared because he was out there looking for me.

"What are you frowning about?" he asks.


"Raven tell me"

"It's just I'm still scared, he's still out there looking for me and I don't want to go back to that awful man"

"He won't take you a promise"

I get up and start getting dressed. Henry was thinking of going to an island that he discovered and maybe we can spend some time there as a safe zone. But it didn't matter I will only stop being scared till he's finally dead.

He said we would reach his island at dawn, so while we were sailing I wondered around the ship. Around noon was when he attacked. I was below the deck looking at the treasure when we got hit. I went above and saw who it was. John Rivers.

"Come now we just want to talk let the lady on board and we can settle this" he says, I was wondering why we weren't shooting at his when I realized he had a cannon pointed at Henry and another at me.

"Come on the boat dearie and nothing will happen to him" he says.

I couldn't risk him hurting Henry so I went.

"My my look at you, yes I can see your fathers obsession for you. You are a fine catch!" He says and he rips my top off. I gasp and try to cover up.

"Damn it you bastard leave her alone!" Yelled Henry.

"Listen here dearie" he says as he grabs my hair, "it doesn't matter where you run or where you hide I will find I will take you and I will make you mine and nothing will stop me cause if you use those powers of yours stop me I will kill him understand" and with that he let me go.

I started back to the ship when I was back on deck he removed the cannons from our direction.

"Oh and one more thing dearie in cased you missed your father" he threw something in my direction and it landed at my feet, and I screamed. It was the head of my father.

"You sick twisted monster" I shouted, then it hit me "where are my sisters?"

"On my island being used for entertainment" he says. "see you again darling" and with that he sailed away.

I run back to our room as soon as he's out of sight and Henry follows behind me.

"That sick bastard. Oh gods what are we gonna do he's crazy Henry! He's going to take me! What are we gonna do?!" I yelled

"Raven Raven shhh calm down it's ok it's ok everything is gonna be ok he's not going to take you I promise." He said

"But he is going to take me! Didn't you just hear him?!"

"Love he is not going to I swear he won't" he says as he holds me in his arms and I feel tears coming down my eyes. "I'm going to take you to the island I told you about and hopefully he won't find us. If he does and if he takes you don't lose hope on me I will find you okay?"


It took us six hours to land on the island he told me of be we made it. We unloaded what we needed and camped out on the shore. After a couple days of being on the shore I asked Henry if we could explore it. I had my notebook in my hand and every animal I saw I just had to draw it so we stopped a lot but he didn't mind he loved watching me he says I have a cute face when I try to focus. We walked and talked about all the lands we wanted to see I even started to talk about my mother and how she taught me to use my powers. We were walking on a little trail hand in hand when we heard a twig snap, immediately we pull our swords out and stood back to back we were surrounded by maybe ten pirates and then HE steps out. My eyes widened. And they attacked. We managed to fight them off but to be honest even with my powers there were to many John just stood watching. What I noticed what that there were seven attacking me and only three attacking Henry, it was almost like they were distracting him but from what then I realized. They are trying to over power me and they are keeping him from saving me. I was trying to fight of two of the pirates when I noticed that they really weren't trying to slash on my skin or go for the kill. I was a bout to create a wind blast when I felt someone grab my wrist and the power drained from me and they over whelmed me one of them pulled my hair back hard and I screamed.

"Let me go!"

Henry's P.O.V

It was to late for me to realize what they were doing I was trying to get to her but I couldn't I couldn't reach out to save her. I heard her scream and someone was grabbing her hair and dragging her to John.

"No!" I screamed but they all had their swords pointed at me and John had a knife pressed to her throat. She was scared and I wondered why she didn't use her powers that's when I realized the bracelet on her wrist the one that took her powers away and only a different person can take it off it can't be her.

"Raven it's ok everything is gonna be ok." Said calmly. "John you bastard let her go!"

"Now why would I do that?" He asked.

"Dammit let her go!"

"Hmmm no not for awhile at least, make sure he doesn't get away" he says and the three men that were fighting me surrounded me. As he took off dragging Raven with him.

"No Henry help me please!!" She yelled.

"Don't worry Raven I'll find you ok I will I promise!!" I yelled and I felt my heart being broken. I couldn't save her even though I promised. Then I felt an dry everything went red and next thing I knew the men surrounding me were dead and I was chasing after her but it was to late the ship was gone. How will I find her? Then it hit me her compass! I went back to my men told them what happened we got on the ship I searched for her compass and I found it I thought of her and how much she meant to me and how much I loved her the needle was spinning till finally it became steady and then it pointed me to her I set the course and we went sailing. I will find you Raven I thought and you will finally be safe with me.

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