Pirates Love

This story is set in early 1800 around the outskirts of London. Then travels around the world. Not everything in this story is accurate. Raven is a girl who has lead a bad life after her mothers death. She has a father who beats her. But her life changes after she meets a pirate named Henry Jones. Will they live a life full of happiness or pain no one knows what the future hold you just have to wait and see. It will not be edited till I'm done writing


5. Chapter 5: My Ancestors

Ravens P.O.V

I woke up in a warm tent and I felt dizzy I felt a hand on my cheek.

"Your up finally, and your fever is gone" said Henry.

"Ugh what happened?" I tried to get up and Henry slowly helped me sit and he handed me a cup of water.

"You chased the pirates away but while in battle you got cut fighting John Rivers. There's poison laced in his blade and it was spreading in your blood the Indians healed you. I thought I was going to lose you."

"How long was I asleep?"

"Bout a day, are you good to walk the chief wants to talk to you."

"Yeah but wait, when you saw John, the look on your face you've met him before right?" I ask probably stepping over the line. He sighs

"Yes, he... He was the one that killed my wife." He was silent after that. I hold his hand.

"Is that why you protect me so much? Because of what happened to her?"

"Yes I swore to meself that I would never love again. And then I met you. To be honest I was just going to stay in London for a couple days till I saw you. A sweet girl beautiful to. And your eyes so mesmerizing you caught me by surprise. And I knew I had to have you, then when I found out the type of home you were living in I wanted to save you make sure you were safe. Are you alright dear"

I was in tears by the time he finished, he really did care for me even though he lost someone he wanted me and he would always protect me. I hugged him even though it hurt a little bit. I looked into his cute brown eyes and I noticed that up close there were gold specks in eyes. Then every so slowly I leaned up and kissed him, he kissed me back gently. I could feel his arms wrapped around me I could feel the metal of his hook on my side. This was my first real kiss and it was amazing there were butterflies in my stomach. We finally pulled away after awhile.

"Took you long enough love." He said as I blush.

We get up and head out the tent and were greeted by the chief.

"Hello my name is Ruknuk I am the chief, it's good to see you well. Your name is raven I hear." Says Ruktuk.

"Yes I'm named after my mothers favorite bird."

"Hmm" he stops to look at me then his eyes widen. "Kanisha"

"How do you know my mothers real name?" I ask surprised.

"Because she is my sister" he said.


"Come I have people who would like to see you" and he leads us to a tent near the main one.

"Mama look this is Raven... Kanishas daughter." He says

"What? Oh child let me look at you, well you look at that same face and everything" says an old woman.

"I'm sorry and you are?" I ask.

"I'm your grandmother" she says. "Sit sit I want to hear everything." She has me sit and I hold Henry's hand as I tell the story of how my mother had taught me how to use my powers, how she died because she got sick and couldn't hold on anymore. I told them about my father and my life and how Henry rescued me and how I found this place because of my mothers diary and how she said I would get answers about my powers.

"Well we knew something had happen to her after we stopped getting letters sent here. Your mother would send ravens to us with messages but then one day they stopped coming. Your father came across this island by accident he fell in love with your mother and promised her intelligence if she left with him so she did." Says my grandmother.

"She never told me about this place. I want to know how did I get these powers? I ask.

"A long time ago the gods blessed this island with the powers of the elements as we started to have kids we noticed that the ones with green eyes had power over earth, those with gold eyes had fire, blue eyes was water, grey was wind and those who had brown eyes were normal. But those with purple eyes ah those were rare they had power over every element. Most of out warriors have died the only ones with powers are the elderly or the young."

I hold her hand.

"Thank you grandmother"

"Gaurd this child well boy" she says looking at Henry and I just smile.

They gave me and Henry the rest of the day. We went wondering around the island and the woods. I take his hand and make him follow me.

"Where are we going?" He asks.

"Some place special to my mother." We needed up at a clearing with beautiful flowers and a river near by. "My mother wrote in her diary that she wanted her ashes spread here. I take out a locket that is in a shape of a heart and is split in half I open one side and pour the dust out. I carried my mothers ashes with me in this locket I picked up some solid and dumped in the the half that I poured.

"There now I have my mother with me all the time." I say. Henry is smiling at me.


"Nothing... Your beautiful in the sunlight" he says as he gets close and kisses me, I kiss him back and fell warmth spreading through me and butterflies in my stomach. We laid in the grass and I slowly fell asleep on his chest.

Robert's P.O.V

I walked out the house frustrated those twins knew nothing. I wish I had Raven back she was a good little slave and knew everything. I was aroused thinking about the things I could do to her and what I can make her do. I went to the bar to get a drink as a stepped through I heard some men talking.

"Almost blew apart me whole ship! That little brat is going to pay for what she did to my ship."

"So what did she look like?"

"Black hair and purple eyes but very nice body if I don't say so meself."

"Was she with a pirate?" I asked.

"Yeah why?"

"Let's talk out side." I say as he follows me.

"If you bring me back that girl I can give you riches beyond your desire" I tell him wanting to have my Raven back.

"No thank you I'm a pirate I get around just fine." He's about to walk off.

"You can have your way with her. Torture her whatever just bring her back." I say.

"Hmmm very well. I'll find her and bring her back. It will take awhile. I don't care just bring her back" I say as I walk off thinking of all the things I can do once I finally get her back. Oh she will have the punishment of her life she'll wish she was dead.

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