Pirates Love

This story is set in early 1800 around the outskirts of London. Then travels around the world. Not everything in this story is accurate. Raven is a girl who has lead a bad life after her mothers death. She has a father who beats her. But her life changes after she meets a pirate named Henry Jones. Will they live a life full of happiness or pain no one knows what the future hold you just have to wait and see. It will not be edited till I'm done writing


4. Chapter 4: The Island

It's been 6 months being at sea. It's nice. I've been training with almost the whole crew learning different techniques. I've gotten a better hold on how to use my powers to an advantage. We have taken over ships but Henry doesn't allow me to go on the opposite ship he lets me stand guard on our ship. I only battle one or two people that slip past them. Henry has been sleeping in bed with me because I have gotten nightmares of my father. When I wake up screaming he holds me and lights a candle to fight off the bad dreams. I was walking around the room reading my mothers diary it was the only thing I had left of her.

"You know you never go a day with out reading that thing" says Henry.

"This belonged to my mother it's the only thing I have left. Although most of it is blank and I feel like something is missing." I say.

"Have you tried burning the pages?" He asks.

"Now why would I do that?"

"As a pirate you should know then some times when things are left blank it's because there's a hidden message."

"Hmmm" I set a flame on the tip of my finger and raise the pages above it. Just then letters start to appear and I gasp I flip threw the book to make sure I get every page and I start to read. It was a letter from my mother.

Dear Raven,

I was hoping you would come across these pages some day. There was much I never got to tell you and it all revolves over why you have powers. You see I was never born in England, I was born on a island you follow the North Star for about two days I really hope you kept that compass I gave you remember as long as it was something you wanted really bad it would lead you to it. Any ways on the island is where your ancestors are it's where I came from you see I was the lightest skin there was so when your father met me he took me and claimed that I was from England. On that island there lives people with powers like yours. I'm sorry my sweet girl but my time is running out find them and you can get more answers.

love always

your mother

I was speechless a whole island with people like me. I look at the map my mother drew on the back.

"We have to go here" I tell Henry.


"Because it's where my mother is from." I say.

The next day I dig out my compass from my bag I always kept it there. Henry steers the ship in the direction we needed to go and he set the course for the island. When we finally got to the island I could hear some screams coming from it. And I noticed that there was another ship there. I looked around and saw some big rocks we could hide behind there was fog also so I disguised the ship with it. Henry anchored the ship and half of us got off and followed the sound of the screams. We narrowed in on a clearing and there was a battle going on there were people that looked like Indians and pirates fighting them there was one with a beard, a scar over his face, and a fat belly. I turn to look at Henry and his face is a mixture of hatred and pain. We circled around the fight and decided to help the Indians instead. We took both parties by surprise but when the Indians saw that we were on their side they went along.

Then the main pirate tried to attack me so I side stepped and hit him. He straighten up and held up his sword and I did the same. He swiped it and I blocked he aims for my stomach and I side stepped and went for his side but he blocked me. He aimed above my head and I blocked it but he was strong then someone tried to attack me from the side and I pulled up an air shield and when his sword deflected I blew him back. The man I was fighting stepped back and looked astonished. The swiped his sword and I stepped back but I felt a sting on my stomach. I aimed at his chest but he deflected my sword so I pulled out my dagger from my thigh. Good thing I wear pants it gives me easy access to my weapons. I blocked his blade from hitting me. And I finally decided to give theses pirates a scare I started to make the ground shake and shoot up at the bad guys. They started running to the ships and we went after them. When they got to the ship I made a giant wave hit them and they went flying through the sea. I turned around and saw that the tribe was looking at me with wide eyes Henry's eyes were on me and he smiled then he looked worried. I stepped forward to go to him and all of a sudden my body felt heavy. My body fell to the ground and I felt someone's arms wrap around me.

Henry's P.O.V

When I saw who was leading the men who were attacking the Indians I was mad and flooded with horrible memories. John Rivers, he killed my Amanda. I told Raven that she had died but I never told her how. When we ambushed them I was trying to look for him but I couldn't find him and I was busy fighting off his pirates. Just then I turned and saw that Raven was fighting him. She was down to her dagger. I taught her to keep other weapons handy in case you lose your sword. She got that look on her face when she was about to use her powers and the ground started to shake and the ground shot up at the bad guys. They went running to the ship and we went after them when they were on the boat she sent a wave after them and they shot forward. She turned around with that spark in her eyes when she feels like she did something good. I was smiling at her and I felt the eyes of the Indians on her. Then I looked down to her stomach and saw that it was cut and was staining red. Oh no I thought she stepped forward to me but then she collapsed. I rushed to her side held her.

"Raven!" I shouted she just groaned. "Help someone help get me some water!" James rushed to my side with his canteen. I ripped the hole bigger to see the wound and I was about to pour the water when a hand stopped me. I looked up he looked like the leader of the tribe. He was slightly tanned and his eyes were blue no shirt and tan like pants that's how all the men were dressed.

"No you don't understand the water will heal her." I say

"It will heal the wound yes but the poison will stay in her blood see" he says as he points to her wound and that's when I notice that the veins around her wound are turning grey and it's slowly spreading.

"Pick her up carefully we will heal her. What are your names?" Asks the man.

"My name is Henry Jones I'm a pirate, this is Raven she's a girl I met in London. And this is my crew and my right hand man James." I tell him as I carefully pick her up to make sure I don't hurt her, she groans and her skin is feverish.

We hurry and we enter the real village it had tents set up and one main tent that looked bigger then the others. When we got in I laid her on the cot. She seemed to be getting worse. The man was giving orders and people were bringing him bowls with stuff in it.

"First we must take the poison out" he says he takes some herbs dips them in water and gently lays them on her wound. "Hold her hand"

I hold her hand and he starts to move his hand over her wound the poison starts to go back to the wound and starts to be absorbed by the herbs but while he did that Raven was holding my hand and screaming. Her screams where hard to hear because she was mainly almost unconscious after a few minutes he finally gets all the poison out and heals her wound shut.

"Stay with her let her rest, we will talk when she is awake"he says as he leaves.

I hold her hand and she's sleeping her breaths are becoming less shallow and pained. I fix the rag that they put on her forehead and kiss her hand. She still wanted to take things a bit slow and I was fine with that but I still showed her affection and attention. When we would rob ships I would always get something special for her. As she was sleeping I remembered of my Amanda, I lost her to John Rivers he killed her right in front of me sliced her throat open and I held her as she bled. I couldn't bare to lose Raven the same way. I looked down at her and kissed her cheek.

"Rest...my love"I whisper.

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