Pirates Love

This story is set in early 1800 around the outskirts of London. Then travels around the world. Not everything in this story is accurate. Raven is a girl who has lead a bad life after her mothers death. She has a father who beats her. But her life changes after she meets a pirate named Henry Jones. Will they live a life full of happiness or pain no one knows what the future hold you just have to wait and see. It will not be edited till I'm done writing


1. Chapter 1: My life

I never thought my life would end up like this. I never thought I'd get to experience freedom again. The wind feels so good blowing through my hair. I never thought that my life would get a happy ending. Or will it?

One week earlier

I was in my bathroom cleaning up my wounds from tonight's beatings. I'm tired of living like this I never do anything wrong but my father always has a way to blame me for something. Ever since my mother died when I was 13 things were never the same again. Especially when he married my step mother now dead to. Now even though I have my father and my two step sisters it's not a happy family. I became their servant do this do that it never ends and every night I have to be beaten because apparently I do something bad. Good thing tomorrow I can work with my mothers old friend at the bar while father is away.

The next day in the afternoon while father was working and my sisters were out at the market I took off to work. I've been working at my Isabella's bar a year after mother died to get money so I can leave with hell hole. But father doesn't know I work there and he must never know.

"Isabella I'm here" I say as I walk through the back door.

"Oh just in time Raven I need some help waiting the tables" she says.

"I'll get right on it" I say and I go to put my working apron on and fix my hair hair up, it's long and pitch black I also have purple eyes and fair skin. My mother named me raven because it was her favorite bird. I look down at the black bracelet that my father put on me a few days after mother died. It blocked the powers that I have and I can never hats me it off no matter how hard I tried. A quick glance in the mirror and I take off to wait the tables.

"Hello how may I help you gentlemen" I say to a group of men sitting in a corner, that's when in notice him a man with dark hair dark blue eyes light stubble around his face in black clothing with his shirt open to his chest. He was a pirate. And not just any it was Henry Jones the most famous of them all.

"Yes mam a round of drinks for everyone here" he says

"Thats awfully generous, may I ask what's the occasion?" I ask.

"No occasion pirates don't need reasons to celebrate." He says.

"Alright" I walk off to get the drinks for everyone here. After awhile I sit on a stool and start drawing in my notebook I start to draw him trying to capture his eyes I look up at him to get a quick glance and I realize he's starring at me. Oh gods I quickly look down and continue to draw I here the bells ring signifying its 3 in the afternoon.

"Isabella I have to go or I'll be late I'll collect my pay tomorrow."I shout to her get my notebook and take off.

I get home just in time and start to clean around the house about an hour later my father comes home with my sisters. I'm finishing up cleaning the floors I get up with bucket to go work on the stairs when one of my sisters trips me and makes me spill the water.

"Father she wet my shoes and my new dress." She says.

"You little brat you tripped me!" I shout.

"Raven apologize to your sister now!"

"But I-" I had started to say but then my father had slapped me and I was on the floor "I'm sorry... sister."

"Go to your room you will not be having dinner tonight out of my sight now!"

"Yes father" and I leave.

The next afternoon I'm back at Isabella's. And to my surprise so is Henry. I try to avoid him and only serve the table around him until he calls me over.

"Excuse me miss."

"Yes how may I help you?" I ask.

"May I ask why have you been avoiding me?" he asks

"Um I haven't been avoiding you. I have other tables that need to be tended and as you can see we don't have many people working here now would you like to order something or-"

"May I ask why is the daughter of a duke working at a bar? When she should be out buying pretty dresses and being a little daddies girl?" he cuts me off.

"Never judge a book by its cover, you never know what is inside a person until you really know them." I say and I walk away. But instead of trying to ignore him I find myself drawing him again then I feel like if someone is watching me. I look up only to see him starring at me. I look away and go back to drawing then a hand swipes my book away.

"Hey give that back" I look up to see him starring at my book. "Um may I have that back please?

"Is this me?" he asks still holding on to my book.

"Um yes."

"This is amazing how did you learn to draw like this?" he asks

"Um it comes naturally. Can I please have my book back?" I ask.

"May I have this?"

"Sure but first I want something" I say.

"Oh really and what is that dear?"

"Tell me about your stories. I've only read about them in books but I have always wanted to hear them from you." I say.

"Very well" then as he is about to begin the bells ring signifying its 3 in the afternoon.

"Oh no I have to go but I'll be back tomorrow bye" and I take off.

I get home and this time I decide to make something to eat. They get home we eat and thats it which is weird it's been two days and I haven't received a beating.

The next day I'm at Isabella's and Henry is there he starts to talk about all his adventures and the different places he went to. To be honest he was a really sweet man and I couldn't believe I was having a real conversation with him. He mad me laugh and for a moment I was happy and I didn't care of the life I have. Then the bells rang and I had to go. I gave him his drawing and when I opened the door to leave my father was there. Oh no.

"Father please I can explain!" he grabs me and throws me into the carriage his hand is gripping my arm.

"You are in for the punishment of your life." and with that he slaps my face hard.

"Robert let her out the poor girl has done nothing wrong just let her go!" Isabella cries out but the carriage is leaving and her voice is lost in the wind.

While in the carriage he rips off my dress and he starts to rub my chest.

"You are a little whore you know that" he says as he rips off my under garments.

"Father please I didn't do anything" I was squirming trying to get away from him.

"Your not going anywhere not for a while at least" then everything goes black

When I wake up I'm chained and exposed I don't bother struggling because I know its pointless. Then my father comes in with a wipe in his hand.

"Now what were you doing with that pirate?" he asks and then he whips my chest.

"AHH nothing I swear we weren't doing anything"

"Liar!" he whips me again

"I swear it was nothing we weren't doing anything please father"

"Girls come down here and help me with your sister" he says and they come down.

"One of you gag her the other get the paddle" and they do as they are told a few minutes later they are either touching my chest, slapping me or hitting me with the paddle on my ass. my fair skin is turning red, where my father hit my chest with the whip are little bloodlines appearing. my father dismisses my sisters and soon he is ramming his cock into me and I'm screaming into the gag. I try to squirm to get away from him but he just holds me in place.

"You aren't going any where" he says as he bites my skin. After what seems like hours he finally stops but I'm left hanging on the chains for days. Finally he takes me out of the chamber and I am lead back to my room only to be chained again.

"You will never leave this house again you understand" says father.

"Yes father" and with that he leaves.

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