Pirates Love

This story is set in early 1800 around the outskirts of London. Then travels around the world. Not everything in this story is accurate. Raven is a girl who has lead a bad life after her mothers death. She has a father who beats her. But her life changes after she meets a pirate named Henry Jones. Will they live a life full of happiness or pain no one knows what the future hold you just have to wait and see. It will not be edited till I'm done writing


10. Alternative Ending

I woke up to a very bad headache I tried to move my hands to touch my head but the stopped before I could touch it I looked up to see that my hands were chained to a head board. Then everything came back to me about what happened on the island. After being dragged to the shore on the other side of the island I kept trying to escape and scream and shout till they hit my head and my body when out cold. Speaking of cold my body feels very cold I look down to realize that I'm completely naked I thrash around trying to break free and get clothes when I feel someone eyes on me. I look up and see John starring at me.

"It's about time up you woke up" he says.

I just glare at him.

"You should learn to respect me" he says as he starts to walk to me. "Or your going to suffer a lot of pain"

I spit in his face and he slaps me.

"See this is what I'm talking about, I was going to wait till we were on the island but looks like I'm going to speed things up" he says.

He gets on top of me and I start to struggle not likening where this is going he grabs my neck and chokes me till I'm about to loose consciousness and let's go. I try to catch my breath and he slaps me again and again. He grabs my breasts and squeezes them roughly. I'm still trying to recover my breath. He stands up and takes off his clothes my eyes widen and I try to back away. He grabs my legs and pulls me back he keeps them open as he slides his member inside me and I scream and thrash so he decides to choke me again. I'm gasping for breath and he thrashes inside me I can feel my body get weaker by the second till finally he's done and releases his seed on my stomach. I lay on the bed and whimper.

"It'll be a lot worse on the island" he says as he gets up and leaves.

I laid limp on the bed I couldn't move and my heart hurt I wanted Henry I wanted him to hold me and tell me it was a bad dream but it wasn't it wasn't a bad dream this was really happening. I let the tears come down but I never sobbed. Then I remember what he told me don't lose hope I will find you. I took a deep breath. Hurry.

Five days have past and the torture gets worse every hour. At first he would just use me for his pleaser then he started to get very very aggressive he would pull out whips and whip me till I was bleeding and then he would pour salt over my wounds. Then he started making other men use me for pleaser. Soon I was being beaten and used as a toy by every one and everyone would do what they liked and I had to take it I was to weak to fight back. I started to try not yell but that would make things worse they would try everything to make me scream. Last hour they heated Merle and burned my skin. Five days in the hell hole. Five days without seeing my love five days on this island of torture. I was hanging in the middle of my "room" with my hands tied. I just looked down and waited for the next man to come and use my body. I was naked and weak I let the tears slip out for a little bit then I heard the door open.

It was John I looked down I didn't want to see him but I had no choice. I heard him take one step then I heard something get sliced I looked up to see johns body on the floor and his head rolling away and standing at the door way with a blood sword was Henry.

"Raven" he said as he helped me down and took the bracelet off and I felt power surge through me there's a bed in my room and Henry takes off the sheet and rips holes in it and covers me with it. He takes my hand.

"Come on let's go" he said and we run through the halls and stop anyone who crosses our path I stopped when I saw something hanging on a wall and realized it was the bodies of my dead sisters. I ran away from them fast and scared we made it to the ship and they were shooting at us I was mad they took my sisters from me franked I hated them but still! Then they torture me and keep me from my love no no more. I felt power rush through me and the island came crumbling down then I felt darkness surround me and I felt someone's arms wrap around me. I woke up the next morning on Henry's chest. I smiled and got closer to him, I loved this this moment right here being close to the man I love. I felt his arms tighten around me and pull me closer and I felt his lips kiss my head.

"Good morning love"

"Good morning" I smiled and kissed him. I was safe I was finally safe and I was finally with the man I love. I was happy finally.

Five years later

We had to take a long break from sailing because a mouth after I was rescued I realized I was pregnant we went back to my island so that I could be with family and rest I told Henry that he should keep sailing but he wouldn't budge so we stayed on the island along with his crew they felt comfortable here so we didn't see the need to leave. I gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. My son Bomie will have the power of water because his eyes came out blue and my daughter Jinora will have the power of fire because her eyes were gold. When they were three we decided to sail again and they loved it. They loved there father too. They were playing on the deck with some seagulls that decided to land. I loved my family and my husband. Yes Henry became my husband it was a big thing really just my uncle and grandmother were there. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck.



"How would you feel about taking another break?"

"I wouldn't mind doing anything as long as it was with you." He says. "Why love?"

"Because I'm pregnant again" he turn me to face him and his face was lit up.

"You are?"


"Raven that's wonderful! I'll let the crew know right away"

"You sure it won't upset them"

"No if anything I think they miss the island already. I love you Raven" he says with the biggest smile ever.

"I love you too Henry" I kissed him and looked out to the sea.

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