My Life of Secrets and Lies

Alize and Alek are running away. He can't know where they are. But what happens when Alize falls in love with a guy name Logan. Will she share her secret or will she keep quite to keep her brother safe?


3. Sweater Weather

The day was super long and super boring. In every class the teacher introduce me in front of the class. Every single one of them made me catch up with everything they have been doing.

When school was over I called Alek to come pick me up. As I was walking towards my brother's car I heard someone called my name. I turned around and saw that it was Irania.

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out. I'm having liked a get together at my house, do you want to come?"

I turn my head towards my brother and he nodded his head saying that I could go. His idea of starting over is in every possible way.

"Sure." I said.

"Ok then, see you at 8pm, this is my address and my phone number." She said handing me a paper. "Call me if you need anything."

"Ok, thanks." I said putting my best smile on and after that she was gone.

"Who was that?" ask my brother.

"Oh just a girl I meet today." I said. He doesn't even know who she is but he still gave me permission to go, he is a weird dude.

"You know the school isn't that far from our house." I said in a matter of fact way.

"And your point is?" he said.

"I could easily go walking you don't have to come pick me up every day." I said looking at him for a response.

He look at me for a very long time like if he was thinking about it. Then he said, “No.” What, really, all that thinking for a plain no.

"Why not?" I said wining.

"I said no Al and that's final." He said with a calm voice. Sometimes his calmness bothers me.


 When we got to the house I went to my room to get ready for the get together. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I look at the clock and it said 6pm which means that I had time to download songs to put on my phone. I was so caught up on the computer that I didn't bother to check the clock which now marked 7:20pm.

My brother came into my room saying it was time to live; he had to go buy some things for the house so he was going to drop me a little early.

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