My Life of Secrets and Lies

Alize and Alek are running away. He can't know where they are. But what happens when Alize falls in love with a guy name Logan. Will she share her secret or will she keep quite to keep her brother safe?


2. Chasing Cars

*The Next Morning*

"No! Stop, stop you are going to kill her, stop!” I started yelling at him before he shoves her aside and made his way towards me.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, covered in sweat shivering from the nightmare I just had. My brother came to knock on my door saying that I was going to be late for school. I made my way to the bathroom; I turn on the water letting it hit my skin, letting it wash away the memories.


*In School*

I'm getting off of my brother's car and I see all this teenagers, I start to think that it sucks to start all over again and be the new girl.

I made my way to the office so I could get my schedule and I bump with this girl knocking her out of her valance and we both fall to the ground. Making us both drop our stuff.

"Sorry." I told her picking up my stuff.

"It's ok. It was an accident, this could happen to anyone.” she said standing up. “My name is Irania, Irania Martin.  You're new right? I say this because I haven't seen you before. What's your name?" Wow, this girl can talk without even taking a breath.

"My name is Alize, Alize Greene.” I said feeling kind of awkward.

"You have a pretty name. Do you want me to show you around?" she said giving me a smile. She is so bubbly. I wonder she is in a good mood or if she is always like this.

"Ah, sure let me just get my schedule." I said and made my way towards the office. The woman at the front office was really nice and as soon as she saw me she knew who I was. It’s really weird how everyone in this small town knows everything.

When I came back Irania was with a really cute guy. Wait, what am I saying? I shouldn't be thinking like that. Maybe he is her boyfriend and I’m here thinking about him like that.

 "You're back!” she said all excited. “Logan this is Alize the new girl I was talking to you about." She was talking about me, what could she possibly tell him? I had barely said a word to her.

"Hi." I said.

"Hi, I'm Logan Smith." he said looking into my eyes. He has the most beautiful eyes.

"So, what classes did you get?" said Irania breaking the silence.

"Oh, I don't know." I said I hadn’t really looked at the schedule. She asks me if she could borrow it so I hand it to her. She started looking at it and told me that we had first period together and that the last period I had it with Logan. This was going to be a fun year. I just hope I get to finish the whole year.

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