Heartache On the Big Screen

Kylie was never the popular girl. She was never pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, or good enough. She had few girl friends and whole list of guy best friends. One day her little sisters friend Katie had gotten her sister and her tickets to see 1D and 5SOS. What happens when she catches the eye of a certain drummer, while her sister catches the eye of a certain singer? Will she be too caught up with her sisters love? Or will she be caught up in a whirl wind of love, drama, heartbreak, and travel the world? Read to find out! ;)


1. Just my normal day...

You know it's the same routine every morning. Get up, take a shower, look for clothes, get dressed, brush my hair, do my make up, and rush to get something to drink and leave. You'd think that by now I'm better at being on time? Nope! I'm sucky at it and it sucks. Oh! Here I am rambling about my morning when you have no clue who the hell I am. Hi, I'm Kylie Pedroza! I'm 17, 5'0", Hawaiian and Puerto Rican. I'm not your typical girly girl. I love to get down and dirty with the boys, but I have my girly moments. I'm the eldest and I'm also the shyest.

Today I woke up to my sister screaming about something. I don't know what but it must have been something important for her to scream. I just ignored and went to go take a shower. I put my phone down and clicked on my 1D & 5SOS playlist. As Disconnected blared through my phone I sang along while taking a shower. I had been in love with the song as soon as I heard it. But I've always been a huge fan of 5SOS & 1D. I had wished that once I'd be able to go to their concerts together! But I was always too late and I never had enough money. When I went back in my room I saw my sister smiling like an idiot. I ignored her cheery mood and went back to getting ready. I could hear her singing best song ever and tried my best not to sing along. I know how that would end up. I finished and left my room to do my make up. Mid way through applying my eyeliner, my brother comes into the bathroom to ask for help. I sigh and help him in time for my sister to barge into the bathroom and take the mirror I was using. I let it go and move to grab my bag and something to drink. I feel my phone vibrate letting me know that my grandma is here to take us to school. I yell at my sister that we need to go and everyone shuffles out of the house. I get in the car and start thinking about my school work. Soon I'm walking through campus with my headphones in and 5SOS blaring in my ears. I sigh as I see my least favorite group of people staring at me as I walk by. I just keep walking and get into my zombie mode. All too soon the school day is over and I'm on my way home.

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