Shadows (A Harry Styles/1D Fanfiction)

"What do you see, Sophie?" Harry asked concerned, his eyes full of worry.

"Them!" I yelled, trembling.

"Who is them?! Please tell me, baby girl..." He cried out.

"The shadows.."


7. You Again


You Again

          Soon, Chloe dropped me off at this nice lane to visit her older sister Whitney. White flowers covered the posts and cute shops filled the spaces beside each post. In front was a beach. What a beautiful place! I went to go in each store and I plan on checking every shelf and rack.

          First I went to South Shores. I tried on a few clothes but ended up buying the blue and white striped shorts instead. Next was GAP. I wasn't interested in anything... Honestly, this used to be my favorite store! Ever since Zara, I wouldn't dare to think of anything better. 

          I then went to a swimsuit shop and saw 5 tall figures inside too. They seemed strangely familiar. I went to go nearer, but something stopped me. Something dark and familiar. Another shadow.

          "Don't you dare forget what I said.." The creepy voice murmured in my ear before fading on the spot.

          Instead of getting any closer, I backed away and went to the bathroom instead. No, I didn't pee I just watched my hands and splashed some water on my face, trying to get a hold of myself. I'm going crazy! 

          A nice girl with dark hair and dark eyes approached me. "Hi.." I told her kindly.

          "Oh, uh... Umm.. Hi... I'm Maria." She stuttered and held out her hand. Hmm.. Spanish... I could tell by her accent. 

          "Spanish?" I asked her.

          "Spanish-Mexican." She smiled.

          "Ahh... Here to visit a family friend?" I questioned. 

          "Oh.. Uh.. No, not really... We moved here when I was 15.. I'm 21 now and I have umm.. A 2 year old son.." She seemed nervous and embarrassed. 

          "Don't be embarrassed! You're lucky to have a son at a young age cause then you'd be able to spend more time with him in your life..." I grinned and she smiled at me.


          "Don't mention it! Do you want to... Exchange numbers, maybe?" I asked. 

          "Sure, I'd love to!" She cheered. We exchanged numbers and I left the bathroom to continue my shopping spree.

         Next was a cute coffee and ice cream shop and I did feel like eating an ice cream cone right now... So I went to go get a chocolate sundae, my favorite. They drenched it in chocolate syrup and put a brown spoon on top. I paid for it and left. 

          I pushed my shades above my head and brushed a loose strand of brown hair away from my face. I took the spoon and was about to scoop my self some ice cream until some guy decided to ruin that. I fell to the ground and the guy offered to help me up. 

          I looked up at him and he seemed vaguely familiar. I saw the shades and instantly remembered him. It was the tall guy from McDonalds! I pointed a finger at him accusingly.

          "Y-you.. You... Y-y-you... I-it's y-you ag-gain..." My eyes widened and so did his. 

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