Shadows (A Harry Styles/1D Fanfiction)

"What do you see, Sophie?" Harry asked concerned, his eyes full of worry.

"Them!" I yelled, trembling.

"Who is them?! Please tell me, baby girl..." He cried out.

"The shadows.."


5. Shopping

I really appreciate how you guys like my story so I made another chapter for the day! xoxo 

-Simone Teves <3



          Right now, we were 'naturally walking around the mall just like everyone else.' Ha. You wish. Right now, Chloe was dragging me around and I was moping and groaning like a wild animal. 

          People gave us glares and weird stares but I couldn't care less. Chloe and I exited Top Shop with 3 shopping bags on Chloe's hand and my wrist in her left. I looked around and next was Forever 21, then Jack Wills, then the one I dreaded. Zara. 

          "Oooo!!" Chloe shrieked as she found a cute Sunday dress on the hanger. I just sat on the chair and groaned as I looked around before spotting someone who wore a hoodie that looked awfully familiar. I followed the figure before it disappeared. 

          "Hello?!" Chloe's voice brought me back to reality. "Sophie, my dear.. I clearly asked you to have a little fun instead of staring at basically, nothing!" Her voice turned dead serious.

          "Bu-" I was about to say something until Chloe cut me off.

          "Here try this on, and this too. Now, go, go, GO!" She pushed me into a vacant dressing room.

          I started putting the ruffled, fuchsia skirt on and then just in the middle of putting the light pink blouse on, Chloe's impatient voice filled my ears.

          "Are you done yet?" She whined.

          "I would if you stopped annoying the fudge out of me!" I yelled, irritated.

          "Alright, alright. I'll shut up but please, hurry up!" She exclaimed.

          I quickly put it on and thought it actually looked good. My wavy blonde hair framed my face and my green eyes matched the color combination. 

          For the first time in years. Hell, it might've been decades. I felt actually felt good about my appearance. All those insults, and names, seemed to vanish. I walked out and Chloe bright blue eyes widened. 

          "Sophie, you look amazing!" She yelled. I blushed.

          "Thanks.." I told her and she waved it off.

          "Now lets go pay!" She cheered and we ran off to the cashier. She paid for her clothes and I paid for mine. 

          "Now lets go to JACK WILLS!" I fist pumped the air. She laughed and said,

          "No, Zara first then we could go to your Jack Wills thing or whatever that was." 

          I groaned but followed her orders. When we got there, I swear my jaw almost fell out of my face. 

          Never in my life have I seen such amazing dresses and clothes. Chloe on the other hand just walked in and started picking random outfits from different racks. I quickly followed behind her and grabbed whatever she shoved to me.

          We both walked in the dressing rooms and picked the two last ones. I tried on this silver gown but quickly took it off and picked up the aqua blue pants and the pastel yellow crop top. I wore it and added that to my shopping list. Then last of all I put on this short, black and white dress. Perfect for going out to dates, clubs, and many more. Just as I was admiring the dress, Chloe somehow barged into the dressing room and gasped when she saw me.

          "I was gonna tell you that we're leaving but girl, you look FUDGING AMAZING!" She complimented and I smiled. 

          "Thanks, Chloe! I was just gonna pay. I'll be right back." I was about to sprint off but she stopped me by grabbing a hold of my fore arm. 

          "No, no, no, no, no! I'm paying." She grinned.

           "What? No! It's my clothes so I sho-" 

          She cut me off by grabbing my clothes and running off to the counter. Damn, was she fast! I tried catching up but failed since the lady gave her the receipt as soon as I arrived.

          She smirked before handing me the bag and walking away with her pink bag in hand. 

          I quickly walked behind her to Jack Wills. As I was looking at the rack full of hoodies, I found someone wearing the same mysterious hoodie. Once he or she caught me looking, he turned around. It was the guy from McDonalds! He had the same shades on and everything.

          He was the tallest one! I pointed at him as he spared a glance at me and quickly ran off. I started to chase after him but when I was about to exit the shop, a dark shadow just walked straight through me but not before whispering,

          "You foolish girl! I told you not to ever go near them now stay..." It was the same creepy voice. I was then terrified so I listened and stayed with Chloe.

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