Shadows (A Harry Styles/1D Fanfiction)

"What do you see, Sophie?" Harry asked concerned, his eyes full of worry.

"Them!" I yelled, trembling.

"Who is them?! Please tell me, baby girl..." He cried out.

"The shadows.."


2. Searching



          "Beep, beep, beep." I groaned as my alarm went off. It's work day. I work at this new restaurant down town called -Ila Puti- or something fancy like that. 

          When I opened my eyes, I saw a dark figure cross my room and a shiver ran down my spine. 'Its one of them' I thought. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths before standing up to take a shower. This wasn't my first encounter with "them".

          After taking a shower I put on my uniform and took my keys of the counter. I walked out of my apartment and took the elevator who had a guy who looked about 34 inside.

          He smiled warmly at me and I returned the smile. "Sophia Lauraine Day, apartment number 5." I told him. That's how we introduced ourselves in this building. He nodded.

          "Mark Shay Spencer, apartment number 2." He said back. I looked down at his hands and noticed a beautiful silver ring.

          "Married?" I asked with a grin. He nodded happily while adoring his ring. Seems like a girl thing but love can do amazing things.

          "With two beautiful children. One boy, one girl, and a beautiful wife is what I go home to every day." He informed me and his face seemed to light up while mentioning his family.

          Awww. How sweet! I wish my Prince Charming would come and save me right now..

          "Don't worry kid, they always come around!" He winked before exiting the elevator. Whoops, I must've said that aloud... I followed behind him and started off down the street to call a taxi. 

           I smiled to myself thinking of having a happy family like that guy.

          Once I hailed a taxi I told him the destination and arrived in front of the restaurant.. I looked up and remembered the name of the restaurant.. It was McDonalds! How silly of me.

          I should start asking my mother where I'm gonna work next time..

          I got in and greeted my fellow workers who were extremely kind. But me and this blonde girl named Chloe clicked the most. Soon after working on the cashier, I got my break and looked out the window. Hoping that he was there.. My Prince Charming... 

          "Who are you looking for?" Chloe asked me.

          "No one..." I told her, still looking out the window... Searching..

          "Don't lie to me." She warned.

          "Fine! I'm looking for.." I trailed off grinning. Then someone called her and she said sorry and left. "Someone who can love me for who I am..." I said softly while looking back out the window.

          I was searching for him, by looking out the window! It's childish but what more could I do? Just as my break finished, five boys who are probably teens came in...


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