Shadows (A Harry Styles/1D Fanfiction)

"What do you see, Sophie?" Harry asked concerned, his eyes full of worry.

"Them!" I yelled, trembling.

"Who is them?! Please tell me, baby girl..." He cried out.

"The shadows.."


6. Makeover

Here's the chapter for the day! :) I post chapters as soon as possible because I appreciate how you like the few chapters I posted already! :)

-Simone Teves <3



          After shopping, we went to get a coffee at Starbucks just like Chloe had promised. But instead of getting a coffee like Chloe, I got hot chocolate instead. Now, we were talking on this cute wooden table, drinking our hot drinks.

          "Sooooo, did you enjoy?" Chloe asked, a wide grin on her face before taking a sip of her coffee. I smiled and nodded.

          "More than ever!" I stated and took a sip of my hot chocolate too. 

          "We'll I'm glad you enjoyed but," she stopped to drink. "Our day's not over yet!" She finished excitedly.

          "What do you mean?" I was confused. We did so much and we're not done yet?

          "We're still gonna go get a makeover!!" She shrieked. "We're gonna dye our hair, go get a facial, a pedicure, a manicure, maybe get a massage..." She counted the possible things we could do on her fingers.

          "Hold up! We're basically gonna change half of our appearance?!" I yelled.

          "Well not really... I mean- why not, yeah?" She shrugged and I got angrier by the second.

          "And you expect me to agree with this?" I tried to keep calm but you could clearly hear the frustration in my tone.

          "I guess.. I'm sorry, okay? I guess I didn't think this through.. I just thought you wanted to start over when I saw you all sad and everything on our first day of work..." She honestly looked sincerely sad. I smiled a bit then hugged her.

          "You're right... I guess I overreacted.. Let's go now?" I grinned as she stood up and nodded her head.

          We walked to the spa and had our hair dyed first. All Chloe did was to have her hair dyed again since the roots of her hair started showing her true black hair. 

          I, on the other hand, told the man to remove the blonde dye since I wanted to start new and fresh and what better way to start over than to start fresh?

          When he turned my chair to face the mirror again after about 45 minutes, I was shocked. I forgot how much I loved my golden brown locks. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered my mom as I looked at it. 

          No, they're not dead. They're just at my hometown... Over in Los Angeles.. I had to work abroad to earn more money so I came here..

          "You like?" The man asked.

          I nodded. "Yeah, I do... Thanks!" I smiled up at him. We paid then went to another salon to have our manicure and pedicure. 

          Chloe had her nails done in a black and white polka dot fashion while I just had them do French tips. 

          When we finished, we got a facial and surprisingly, they said my acne had vanished as well as Chloe's. They didn't let us see ourselves though. They said it was a surprise. We then had a massage. 

          "Hey miss? Could we use your bathroom to fit our new clothes?" Chloe asked the lady and she nodded at us. We went to the bathroom and I turned to face her.

          "What are we doing here?!" I whisper/yelled.

          "Relax! We're just gonna fit our new clothes then look in the mirror outside.. We would then see our new looks." She explained as she flipped her extremely straight hair and clipped up her side bangs. I nodded slow and unsure but she gave me a reassuring glance so we went into separate stalls and got changed. 

          I wore my black and white dress from Zara and the silver stilettos Chloe bought me from TopShop. I fixed my now wavy golden brown locks and then prepared to get out.

          "3.." Chloe started.

          "2.." I continued.

          "1.." We both muttered and got out. We looked in the mirror and screamed. This was amazing! I've never felt better in years! Chloe looked gorgeous. And I proved myself wrong.

          Back in Zara, I thought I would never ever feel good about myself ever again. But now, here I am.. Tears practically streaming down my face.. I saw something dark pass behind me but I didn't mind..

          Who knew this makeover would be totally worth it?



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