Shadows (A Harry Styles/1D Fanfiction)

"What do you see, Sophie?" Harry asked concerned, his eyes full of worry.

"Them!" I yelled, trembling.

"Who is them?! Please tell me, baby girl..." He cried out.

"The shadows.."


8. Intrigued



          I quickly pulled away from him and wiped the dust off my pants. "I'm Harry, what's your name?" He sweetly asks.

          "I have to go..." I said softly as I saw the dark figure standing behind him, leaning up against the post. 

          "This is like- the third time! Don't you think it's faith?" He tried to convince me but I shook my head. It's far from faith... It's torture.. 

          "Listen, I really need to go..." I quickly told him. The shadow getting nearer. 

          "Can you at least tell me your name?" He pleaded. Hmmm.. We've only talked once and he wants to know me already? Strange...

          "Ummm.." I started up but trembled as dark hands started to creep up his neck.

           "It's Sophie, bye!" I quickly ran and the shadows hands disappeared as soon as I ran. It will be safer if he stayed away from me but I couldn't lie..


          •Harry's Point Of View•


          She just ran. She ran just like how I did before... I wiped the sweat out of my forehead and quickly put my hands back in my jeans. I lifted up my shades and wiped my eyes. 

          I better get going or else my old friend Maria is gonna go ahead and kill me. I promised her I would visit today. So I got into my car and drove off.

          I looked out the window and spotted the familiar buildings and stopped at her house. It was beside a coffee shop and beside that was a building full of apartments.

          I took the spare key out of my pocket. "Mijo, you have to take a bath!" I could hear her say as I walked in. 

          "Hi MarMar!" I yelled her nickname. "Hi Pedro!" I smiled at the little cute boy. 

          I sat down on the couch and groaned.

          "What's wrong Edwardo?" She teased me in her thick Spanish accent. 

          "Don't call me that!" I groaned even louder. 

          "Not until you tell me what's wrong.." She told me as she gave Rosa (Pedro's caretaker) the towel and instructed her to get Pedro to take a bath.

          "I met this girl at McDonalds once then we kept meeting.. A while ago, I saw her again for the second time today and I widened my eyes cause she used to have blonde hair but now she had golden brown hair and I guess that's her natural hair color and then she had green eyes like mine and she said her name was Sophie and then she ran away!" I quickly blabbered about my story and Sophie.

          "Oooo! I met a girl who looked like that too but I forgot to ask her name... She gave me her number though!" She squealed as she baked some cookies.

          "Really?" I questioned curiously.

          "Mhmm!" She nodded her head as she faced me.

          "Can you maybe...." I trailed off.

          "Ask to meet up with her and bring you with me?" She finished and took a deep breath right after.

           I nodded quickly and she laughed. "Okay.." She told me and got her phone. I finished baking for her while she went to call a girl who I hope is Sophie..

          As I put the cookies in the oven I went to listen to their conversation.

          "Mhmm, it's me Maria... I didn't catch your name... Oh, Sophie is it?" She winked at me. "Ahh.. So would you like to meet up?.. In the coffee shop?.... Okay, see you...." She ended the call.

          "She'll meet us at 4:30PM at the coffee shop which is right beside this house." She informed me and I silently prayed to The Lord that it is her.

          I just feel so intrigued by her... 


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