Society's Battles

A collection of poetry that I've compiled and continue to work on, mainly centered around society and the inner struggles of the teenage mind.

Trigger warning


3. Turning the Knob

Turning the Knob

It's safe in here.

No judgement, no rejection,

Just me.

It's kinda nice.

But it gets old.

After seeing the horrors

That take place outside of here

I can't help but wonder,

'Will I ever want to come out?'

Because I know I won't have the strength

To reach out

And turn



Just the thought

Of opening that door

That glorious, glittery door

Is simply terrifying.

I can't begin

To think

About the pain

That I may feel


But this I know:

I feel safe

With one person

And that one person

Is you.

You are giving me the strength

To do what I'm doing:

Reaching out

And turning the knob.

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