Niall and Kayla are In high school. Niall doesn't know that Kayla likes him, and Kayla doesn't know that Niall likes her. Will they end up dating sense they are so close. Or will they decide it's for the best that they don't for their friendship? And will she turn to a total badass!?


9. 9

We went to the doctor the next day we went to the doctors. He told us everything was perfect. He also said that we could have sex until I was 5 months pregnant. Which was awesome!

Niall's parents had come home from their vacation and we explained everything to them. They understood. But were disappointed. I would've been to if it was my child.

~ Later ~

"Hey babe? Does this look good?" I asked showing Niall me in some lingerie. I'm still really skinny because I'm not far along.

"Yes you look sexy." He before he started kissing me.

"Good." I said as I pulled away from the kiss. He looked really confused but I am just teasing him. I was wearing red lingerie.

The door bell rang Niall went to go get it. Niall's parents got a free 2 night stay at a hotel. So we were by our selfs. I looked down the staircase not letting who ever was down there see me. It was those guys from school that were hitting on me. I went back into Niall's room I changed into black lingerie it was just a lace push up bra so my boobs stood out and black lace panties.

I walked down stairs and all the boys were in the living room except for Niall. I was still only wearing the lingerie.

"Hey guys do you know were Niall is?" I asked very sexually just trying to tease them. They were practically druling.

"Um i-in the ki-kitchen I think." Said the guy that was hitting on my that day.

"Thanks your a doll." I said before walking into the kitchen. Niall turned around and nearly dropped then beers he was holding. I walked up to him slowly and went behind him.

"I want you." I purred in his ear.

I grabbed one of the beers out of the fridge... I pulled him out of the kitchen. He gave the beers to everyone and sat down in the couch I sat down on him but so our faces faced each other. I put my hand on one side of his face and started kissing his neck on the other side. I could tell that all the boys were distracted. I kissed him on the lips and pulled away before he could continue kissing me to tease him. I started kissing his neck again and then licked up his neck to his ear lightly biting down on it and then nibbling the ear lobe. Once I knew he had a boner I pulled him up by his collar and pulled him up stairs the other boys were "oooooing" and laughing. When we got to his room I pushed him on the bed.

I climbed on top of him and kissed and then his neck while taking his belt off. I pulled his pants off an started giving him a blow job I did a deep throat a couple of times earning moans from him. I took off his shirt, and he tried to take my bra off but I pushed him back down on the bed and did it my self. He massaged my boobs earning moans from me. I pulled off my underwear sexually and climes back on top of him and sat on his dick and moved front to back. So it rubbed it earning lots of moans him. I finally took his dick in my hands and put it in me. He held my waist and I bounced up and down. I was riding him. We kept moaning. I loved being on top.

I got up and put some my under garments on and his shirt. He was wearing a dress shirt so I had to button it up. I went down stairs to find his band members there too. I have each a hug and sat on the couch. Louis sat next to me and cuddled me I cuddled him. Niall came down and have me a pouty face I just smiled and shrugged. I got out of Louis arms and he had a pouty face. I went into the kitchen and leaned against the island counter. Niall came is and immediately started kissing me. I leaned off of the counter and he wrapped his arms around my back while mine were around his neck. He licked my lower lip asking for entrance and I let him. We kissed for about 5 minutes before I pulled away. He had a confused look on his face.

I bit my lip. "We have company." I said turning away to go to the fridge. I grabbed two waters a gave one to Niall and walked out of the kitchen. He followed a little bit after.

I sat on the couch and he sat next to me and snuggled me. I put my water down and huddled up against him.

"I will be right back." He told me then got up and went upstairs. He came down shortly after and sat next to me.

~ Niall's POV ~

I was messing with the box in my sweats pocket while sitting right next to Kayla. I was worried sick that she wouldn't say yes. I'm so fucking nervous I feel like I'm gonna be sick. I told Louis to secretly video tape, but delete it if she says no. I grabbed her hand and led her into the back yard. Louis saw and he got the video camera out and started recording.

"Ok ummmm...." I said getting on one knee in front of her. She covered her mouth with her hands. " Kayla we have known each other all our life's and have loved you ever sense I saw you. We are best friends. I never knew you liked me until you said that you would be my girl friend. I was freaking out on the inside. I had wanted you to be mine for longest time. Then you were mine. But that's not enough any more. I want you to be mine forever and always I grabbed her wrist and held it so the tattoo showed. So I'm gonna try and hurry this be aide in gonna end up falling over any seconds because of my knee." She laughed. "So I know I'm pretty crazy I'm a "crazy mofo"." She laughed again." But I want to be your "crazy mofo" forever because without you I wouldn't be crazy at all is would probably be lifeless. So will you do the honor and be mine "forever and always"?"

"Yes yes yes! A million times yes!" I slid the ring on her finger and jumped up to hug her. I guess everyone was watching be aide we heard cheering inside. This was the best day ever but tomorrow is gonna suck we have school.

I woke up the next morning and my water broke about 5 minutes later I shook Niall awake and he knew instantly we drove to the hospital and everyone was there.

~ After The Birth ~

I was holding my baby we decided to name her Bridget. Niall was holding my hand and messing with it and and smiling at the sleeping baby girl. She looked so perfect.

~ 15 years later ~

Bridget was 15 now.

Bridget came threw the door crying.

"Honey what's wrong?" I asked going to give her a hug.

"Mom I'm so so so sorry!" She cried.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm pregnant." She said quietly still crying.

"Oh no. Does your father know?" I asked hugging her.

"No." She said quietly.

"We will tell him together." I told her.

She nodded her head and Niall came down stairs.

"Honey we need to talk." I told them.

He nooded and we went into the living room.

"Well you need to stay calm." I said.

He had concerning eyes but he nodded.

"Bridget.... She.... She's pregnant." I told him.



I hoped everyone liked it and comment if you want another book like this but not the pregnant part. If I do another one I would use Louis. So yah please comment like favorite and give me some advice. Comment if you want another book like this. Ily guys ! Until next time!

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