You & I

Ali was just an ordinary girl, working a full time job at a restaurant in downtown New York. One night she covered for her best friend's shift and then he walked in. It was love at first sight, well, for Ali at least. He didn't even notice Ali waitressing him. Then he looked at me. READ ON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT


2. on the run

I put my hand on her shoulder and dug my fingernails into her skin letting a squeal flow out if her mouth.

"I new I would get you back. You have to come with me. Just please let me show you I can fix this." She slowly turned around to meet my green orbs and let out a huge scream nearly making me deaf in one ear and for me being a singer I can't risk anything like that happen to me.

"RAPIST. RAPIST. THERE IS A RAPIST NEXT TO ME!!!" She screamed. Everyone came rushing towards her, pulling her away from me and asking if she was ok.

I looked around and saw all the pairs of eyes starring at me and giving me disgusted looks.

Ali's p.o.v

I was standing in the front window of Subway with my six inch meat lovers sandwich, watching the scene unfold. I set up that random girl to look exactly like me so I could by myself more time to get me something to eat and carry on running away but I ended up staying and watching what happened inside the shop. I gave the girl my jacket and thankfully she had the same colour hair as me so it made it even better but now I am standing in front of a window in a tank top and trackie pants in 0° weather. This is not one of the best choices that I have made but it sure has made me happy seeing the face Harry pulled when he saw that it wasn't me and him being called a rapist was the best moment of my life.

As I was distracted by the reply of the moments that had just passed Harry had walked up towards the entrance of the shop and now I was completely visible to him. I could hear his footsteps entering the room so I ducked under the table that i was leaning on.

I watched as his blue sneakers walked their way up towards the counter and the next thing I heard was a loud lot of screaming and a lot of quieting noises (that I have no idea how to type!). 

"Have any of you people in hear seen this girl and no it is not the girl that I accidentally touched outside." Harry's deep voice was replaced by a shaken up voice that sounds upset and worried.

"PLEASE can any of you tell me if you have seen her. She has run away and I need her by my side." At that point I could hear harry starting to cry and I could hear someone nurturing him as well. Ali you have to come out and make sure Harry is alright. Harry starting balling his eyes out and now I feel really gutted but I couldn't just jump out of the table and say 'I'm sorry I left you. I trust you now.' Because that was a lie. I had to get out of here. And fast.


Harry had been crying for about five minutes now and still hasn't stopped so I think I should run now while my legs are still awake. I looked around the feet and saw a big circle supposedly surrounding Harry, so I should be able to get away without being seen.

I crawled out from under the table and slowly got up trying not to be noticed. 

"Harry she's at the doorway quick!! She'll get away" The girl nurturing Harry yelled. Well great, there goes my easy get away. Harry's head jolted up to look at me and sprinted towards me pushing the circle of people out of his way to get to me.

I sprinted as fast as I could out of Subway and I headed down town to where all the directioners live in Cheshire. My plan was to lead Harry downtown to the screaming fans where he would get caught up and I can finally get away.

As I ran I could out "HARRY STYLES IS COMING HE'S NEARLY HERE!" And all I could hear for another block was screaming fan girls with their cameras and autograph books ready.


Harry's p.o.v

I could hear screaming up ahead, I had no idea of what was happening. Ali jumped into my head and I didn't want to see her in hospital because of me, so I sped up. I got around the corner and all I could see was...


Thanks for reading guys. please comment what you think of the book so far. Sorry for the anticipation at the end but I felt like doing that. Sorry if you read Rose instead of Ali in the previous chapter but I am writing another book with my friends called Summer love by hazzamyheart so please read that as well. Please follow an12na she has a really good book called BitterSweat and I really want you guys to read it. Love Yas

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