You & I

Ali was just an ordinary girl, working a full time job at a restaurant in downtown New York. One night she covered for her best friend's shift and then he walked in. It was love at first sight, well, for Ali at least. He didn't even notice Ali waitressing him. Then he looked at me. READ ON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT


3. I'm sorry but I had to

Ali's p.o.v

I can't believe I was doing this but I didn't want to hurt Harry nor myself anymore then what's already been done.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs and I got some other people around me to scream too. Only to make it sound like some people were hurt or something along those lines.

Harry came running around the corner like a bull an stopped when he saw me standing there with these random people standing around me.

"Don't you get any closer to that girl otherwise your life will finish in seconds" harry shouted scaring the crap out of the people around me who sprinted at the first sound of Harry's voice.

He was running towards me but i don't want him to be anywhere near me. I waited till he came closer to me. I put out my arms so he would come into me. A figure came sprinting out behind Harry and that was my cue to start running towards Harry. I hope this turns out to be how I expected it to be. (imagine a slow mo of Ali runniing towards Harry with their arms spread out) I got closer and closer to Harry, I could see his dimples and his face becoming more and more happier as I got closer. 

Harry and I were only metres apart now but I faked a trip and commando rolled straight past him with a feeling of my heart sinking into a hole of despair. I looked back and saw Harry looking at me strangely but I had to keep on running (rolling if I wanted to!) I got up and ran toward the figure that was in front of me. We crashed into a hug and the figure spun me around in circles while I was still in their hands. The figure put me down on the ground and put his hands on my waist while we walked in the direction of Harry.

We were only two steps infront of harry when he finally said something

"How could you do this to me Niall? I thought you hated Ali. Ali I still love you, ok. I want the rest of my life to be around you and no one else. We can make it work I promise"

" look, Harry. I'm sorry ok but it wasn't working out for us. The past three months has been a total wreck and it's just never going to work."

"I know but can we still sort this out because I still want to be with you. I still have feelings for you Ali and I don't think they'll ever go away."

"I don't care about your stupid feelings jerk. Go find another girl to do it with and this time I won't be there to walk in on you"

" that was an accident ok"

***3 months ago***

"Harry I'm home. I got a table at the Italian restaurant you really like for our 1 year anniversary."

There was no reply. The house was dead silent until I heard a shriek coming from up stairs. I walked closer and I could start to here faint groans and Harry's voice shushing someone. I ran towards Harry's room and put my ear to the door.

"Shut up Sarah. Ali can't know your here ok. It's either you shut your mouth or I stop giving you luxury"

"Ok I'll shut up but if that's what you want you have to go in further and harder"

I could feel my eyes filling up with tears and my cheeks turning red because I was so angry with harry. I could imagine myself with steam seeping out of my ears and my head turning into the colour of a tomato like the cartoons do when they get angry. I stepped back onto the wall and sprinted right into Harry's room, opening the door as I ran trying not to make this a total disaster like usual.

I got in and saw harry pinning a girl down on his bed dripping in what I wanted to think was sweat and the girl got out of Harry's clutches and scrambled under the covers. Harry stood their with an aghast look on his face, wiping the liquid off of his body and into his floor (which I don't want to touch anymore!).

"Ali it's not what you se-"

"No harry it is exactly what I see. And to do this on our anniversary!?"

" I never knew you were married harry? I thought you said you were single" said the girl in a curios tone.

"Well he is now so do what ever you want with him. I'll cancel dinner at the fancy Italian place and get the hell out of your way because obviously you have another job to attend to."

"No please don't go Ali!! I need you into life."

" just shut your face harry. I don't want to see your ugly face."

***end memory***

Harry was a cheater, player, love squasher, dickhead and a heart breaker. I had trusted him 3 times but he ruined the chances I gave him. Each time he had bought back into my love but nothing would fix what he has done now.

Niall walked behind Harry and grabbed his shoulders.

"I'm sorry harry but I can't be near you anymore. Your a danger to me and any other girl. I'm sorry for what's about to happen."

Harry let out a yell but no one heard. I kicked him the the balls and then kneed him in the stomach. He fell to the ground in pain and at this stage I was crying my heart out because apart if me didn't want this to happen to such a cute boy but then the other part of me wanted me to do it. So I could get revenge for all those times he had done something that hurt me and my feelings. I grabbed a baseball bat that was on the Porsche next to me and I bashed one of his legs and the the other. Harry was screaming in pain by one and I could hear footsteps coming around the corner. I threw the bat over to Niall who caught it and ran for his life across the road to hide the evidence miles away from the accident.

People came rushing in, calling the ambulance an the police in mixtures of are you ok and help is in it's way.

What felt only 10 seconds had passed the ambulance came and whisked him away for intensive care. I was left their crying with nobody I knew around me to calm me down and stroke their hand along the top if my head.

Everyone evacuated the premises as soon as the ambulance left and the police arrived. I walked along the path to Harry's house. I crashed onto the driveway and had a huge meltdown. I couldn't bare seeing him in such a state so I decided to go and be with him at the hospital.

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