You & I

Ali was just an ordinary girl, working a full time job at a restaurant in downtown New York. One night she covered for her best friend's shift and then he walked in. It was love at first sight, well, for Ali at least. He didn't even notice Ali waitressing him. Then he looked at me. READ ON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT


4. hospital

I arrived at the hospital about an hour after the ambulance whisked him away and brought him here. I was seated in the waiting room for the all clear to see him. When I was waiting I saw a child about 7 years old in a hospital gown. Lying on a portable bed. Next to her se had a tank for air and blood and water tubes coming out from everywhere. She had a huge smile on her face. Some people next to me stood up and sprinted over to the girl crying and hugging her. The girl on the bed stood flat footed on the floor giving hugs I what u think is here family. I surged noticing more of her features. She had light blue eyes and she had two dimples when she smiled. Her head had no existence of hair.

I took a breath in and I realised she had cancer. I looked around the room for something to give to her so I could feel better about myself. I looked down at flowers I had for Harry but the little girl needed them more than that bastard.I got up out of my seat and walked towards the girl and her family. As I walked I felt pairs of eyes staring me down as I walked but I didn't care because i was going to do a good thing covering for the terrible thing that I did nearly hours before.

I reached the girl and her family and gave a little cough out to let them know I'm here. The family turned around so their backs weren't facing me as they were before. The little girl was looking at me and she was still smiling from the past couple of seconds. 

"Hi. Couldn't help but see the huge smile on your face when you came out here and I just wanted to give you these flowers because no matter what happens you have to keep on battling." I started to cry and so did the girls family. I forgot I hadn't given the girl the flowers that were still in my clutch.

"Oh. Right, i forgot to give you this." I handed her the flowers and in return she gave me a big bear hug." I could almost melt in her arms. I guess she got really good at giving hugs over the years. 

After a long hug we had to separate. I waved goodbye and her parents and herself as they walked off down the corridor. I watched them walk together, hand in hand. It made me so happy seeing someone with such short life in front of her still living like she had all eternity to do what ever she wants.

I got back to my seat after the girl and her family had turned the corner leading to another long corridor. My but sinked into the fluffy seat and I could feel myself slowly drifting off to sleep but I couldn't go to sleep incase they call me and say that I can see Harry. I decided to go to the canteen just around one of the corners. I got up out of my chair and looked at the map for the canteen. I had to go down three corridors and seven corners going left and right all over the place.

It took me nearly half an hour to carefully navigate myself around the oversize complex. When I had finally entered the canteen and I ran straight to where my favourite food was. You may seem I'm strange but my favourite food is an apple. I know it might seem strange but they keep you awake longer than coffee does so it's like the healthier version of coffee.

I grabbed three apples for the long run and luckily they were free because I had money on me. I was contemplating whether to sit at the canteen table or going back and sitting in the waiting room. I couldn't be bothered walking through all the long corridors again do I sat down at a table next to me and indulged into my apple. Only 2 minutes later I had finished my apple with the sticky residue left behind on my hand and some on my chin. I am a very messy eater if you haven't already seen and anything I eat even if it's a pack of chips or something as simple as a lolly I still manage to get food all over myself. 

I was walking down one of the many corridors i had to walk down and was walking past a room with a boy about my age. I couldn't help but look into the room he was in. It was covered in posters of superheroes of the dozen. He had one wall full of posters and another half full of signatures. I couldn't make out who they were from but I saw the batman logo on one so I guess they may be signatures from the people who acted as the superheroes in the movies. I snapped a smile at the boy who quickly sent one back before I moved on.

I must have accidentally taken a wrong turn somewhere because I ended up in a ward that had closed doors and someone must have turned the air conditioner on because it felt like I had entered Antarctica. I walked down the corridor and looked through the open windows into the room. I walked down further and tap on my shoulder. I turned around hoping it wasn't a dead person.

"I'm sorry miss but I think you have the wrong corridor. If your wanting the waiting room, turn around and take a right at the first corner and it will be right in front of you."

"oh. Thanks doctor. I really was needing directions to the waiting room." 

It took me a couple of minutes for me to finally get back to the waiting room because it wasn't just one corner and there you are it was more like a right then right then left so yeah. I took a seat and looked down at my phone and went on facebook, as you do when your waiting for the almost love of your life to come back to life.

I was about to update my status to 'Waiting at the hospital for Harry Styles to come back to reality' When a white coat stood in front of me.

"Mrs Ali, mr Styles is ready to be seen."

A smile spread across my face and I nearly started to cry. Nearly. The doctor lead me to where harry was staying, thankfully it was in the same corridor as the waiting room!

We finally arrived at the room. I peered through the window and saw harry lying there with a cast on each if his legs. I quietly ran inside and sat down in a chair on one of the sides of the bed.

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