Silent Love

It's about a 13 year old girl named Savannah, who has a major crush on this new kid at her school named Brett! But does he like her??? Her world flips when she finds out who he is or what he is!


1. The First Day


                     It was Monday morning and Savannah Hooper was getting ready for middle school. She 

                  walked in the school doors and into her classroom, when she sat down in her seat she 

                   looked beside her and she saw a boy that she really fell for. For the first time she actually 

                   thought she was in love. He looked at her with his blue eyes and her heart melted. She 

                   asked him what his name was and he said to her, " My name is Brett Stover ." She kept 

                    staring at him trying not to freak him out but it was so hard not to, when all of a sudden her

                    ex Damien Stanley came in and sat beside her. She said to him, " What do you want?"

                    and he said " Nothing I just like to listen to your conversations." She rolled her    eyes and 

                    said " Stalker much?!?!". When her cousin Kiara walked in and pushed Damien out of 

                    her seat. She then said " Oooh who is this cutie your hangin with?" Savannah replied     

                    " Kiara, this is Brett, he is new!" " Oh cool!" she replied." " Well class is starting, i hate 

                    school, even math class!" Kiara spoke with a smart attitude!


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