The Bite

This is about a girl named catelyn who always love the fact about vampires and fantasies until this new kid name willard came to her school. ( East coast high school.


7. ????

catelyns pov 

Omg I dont know what to say to him im not ready to get married im only 16 i mean geezz. " I have to tell you next week im sorry this is all just a shock."  i said walking away. 

Willard's Pov 

"okay April Fools" I shouted.she walked back over here " are you serious" she said 

" yeah this is just a cheap ring i got at a  prankster store." I exclaimed. 

" Oh thank god" she said in a sigh with relief.

" am i really that bad" i said.

" No just i didnt want to get married.

Authors note: just trying to trick you all haha im so mean. 

1 week later : -)~~~~~~~~~

We were iin school when the blonde pinkie i think her name is jazzy , came over  to tell us she heard about us getting married. " well were not getting married it was just and April Fools prank" catelyn said coldly. 

" well thats good because why  would you marry that." jazzy said.

" fyi im dating him tahnk you ver much." catelyn yelled.

Authors note: so what did you think about my prank.


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