The Bite

This is about a girl named catelyn who always love the fact about vampires and fantasies until this new kid name willard came to her school. ( East coast high school.


5. waking up

Catelyns pov

I woke up in a bed with my head pounding and my heart racing. I didnt know why but my neck really hurts. I got out off my bed to see Willard standing there nervously for some reason. " i am so sorry i jus couldnt hold it anymore." he said. " why are you sorry?" i said . "do you not remember i bit you" he screamed half way. " god so does that mean im a vampire ???? " "yes im so sorry catelyn are you mad at me. "i dont know but right now im really thirsty." 

Willards pov 

i was thinking in my head this cant be she shouldnt be thriisty for blood right now. what have i done."Okay well lets go eat" i said. "Does this mean i have to drink human blood?" "no we drink animal blood 1 more thing you cant tell anyone not kiara or andrea got it" i stated. "yea" she said. We eat/drank animal blood. we were talking when catelyn leaned in and kissed me!! I didnt know what to do but i just kissed her back it was short but i felt something though. maybe she did too.


Catelyns pov

he just looked so i decided to  kiss him!!!!!!!!!

author  note: 

so what do you think still looking for characters.byebye

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