The Bite

This is about a girl named catelyn who always love the fact about vampires and fantasies until this new kid name willard came to her school. ( East coast high school.


3. meeting my friends

Catelyns pov: 

I was talking to willard when  finally my two best  friends came in late. They were both dressed the same because  there twins. my best friend is kiara and her sister is andrea. we all love each other lie we were all sisters. well kiara is dating this kid named tucker who i dont like but if shes happy im happy though.  Then andrea is dating his best friend  kyle. Hes a really nice guy. 


Kiaras pov  

 im so happy i am here tucker and i were talking tell we seen this new kid named willard he was kinda cute but i have boyfriend that is way hotter than him but anyway, this new kid was still kinda weird. 




authors note:  SORRY FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER didnt have abunch of time there is still is openings for characters. bye bye.

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