The Bite

This is about a girl named catelyn who always love the fact about vampires and fantasies until this new kid name willard came to her school. ( East coast high school.


11. lessons

2 days after

Andreas pov

I cant believe I got bit by my best friend Catelyn.

She bit me, today she is giving me vampire lessons.

Catelyns pov

Today I am giving andrea vampire lesson. How to hunt,walk normal, and control her thrist.

We were in the woods when another vampire was there. I think her name is Desire. She was killing all the deer. ripping there hearts out and eating them raw.

Hi" she said

Eww "who are u" I said

"desire" she said sassly

"oh im Catelyn " I snapped right back it started getting into a sissy fight Andrea had to break us up.

U think your the sasmasta don't u" desire said.

" No but if you want me to I will be."

" oh heck no she jumped on me.

We started to get into a fist fight until Willard and kyle had to break us up.

Andreas Pov

Why was kyle here I mean hes not a vampire and he don't know we are.

I think he is dating desire

Oh god its about to get all crazy up in here.

I jumped on her. " are u dating kyle I asked.

" oh yes I am"

"um excuse u that is my boyfriend"

Kyles pov"

Oh god what did I do.



Uh oh

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