The Bite

This is about a girl named catelyn who always love the fact about vampires and fantasies until this new kid name willard came to her school. ( East coast high school.


8. got me good

Catelyn's pov 

Willard really got me on that one I really thought he was asking me to marry him.

1 month later :-) ~~~~~~~

So willard and i  are really getting to know eachother. He dresses different now, he wears boots(wolverines), he wears a t-shirt with  a flannel shirt over it. He likes this wardrobe better than all black. So do I.

Willards pov

Catelyn and I were at my house cuddled up watching doctor who the 50th anniversary. (a/n comment if your a whovian.)  While we were watching it catelyn leaned up and pecked my lips. Shes so cute when shes kissing me. "we have school tommorow cate." i stated. " i know ugh." she replied. 

"We can skip if you want." i asked.

really i would love too"she replied excitely. 

THE NEXT DAY ~~~~~~~~~

Catelyns pov

We skipped school today so were going to the mall to get  some jandys yogurt. 

Authors note: so what do you think now? love you all tht read it really helps me out. BYE BYE ~~~~

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