The Bite

This is about a girl named catelyn who always love the fact about vampires and fantasies until this new kid name willard came to her school. ( East coast high school.


9. At the mall

Catelyns pov

We were at the mall getting  jandys yogurt when one of my other friends was there. Her name is brookelyn. " Hey brookelyn" i shouted so she could hear me. she walked towards us. " hey whos this cutie" she said pointing to willard which made me alittle jealous. " hi im willard" he said. " thats a nice name, so are seeing anyone" she said flirty. " accually I am and shes really hot." he said couldly.It made me have butterflies. " oh well thats to bad whats her name." brookelyn said curious.

Willards pov

I grabbed catelyns hand and said " her name is catelyn alexandria ballew." 

 " so you mean to tell me your dating this ugly hag." she  shouted.

" We acctually this girl is the most beatuful girl in the WORLD~~~~~.( AWW catelyn that was for you)

" ugh" brookelyn said   then she walked off stomping her feet like a 3 yearold.

It felt good to stick up for catelyn like she stuck up for me.


Andreas pov

I wonder whe re catelyn is i should text her.

hey were are u ~~ andrea 

hey were at the mall do you want to come over~~~ catelyn 

yea sure ill be right over ~~~~ andrea

Skip boring car ride~~

I got out of the car  to see catelyn and Willard outside waiting for me.

Catelyns pov

today was the day i was going to bite andrea i wanted to turn someone. she walked over ther i made sure nobody was looking and i bit her and put her in the car. we put her in my bed.

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